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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

Eggs, sugar and wine whisked until thick, for serving as a sweet dish.


Appetisers eaten before a meal to stimulate the appetite; they may consist of small items of fish, meat, vegetables and cheese.

Zero-base budgeting

Zero-base budgeting is a method of budgeting that starts from a zero base and requires budget managers to justify each element of the present budget as well as any requested additions to it. See also Incremental budgeting.


Zest - The coloured portion of the peel of citrus fruit. Example: Orange Zest, Lemon zest etc.


Thinly pared lemon or orange rind, used in drinks or grated in various dishes.

Zinc Fingers

Zinc Fingers is naturally occurring proteins that bind to DNA to produce desired genetic effects. For example, zinc fingers used in a plant can alter its yield, taste or resistance to drought or insects. They afford very precise changes to DNA which translates into better control when modifying plants and quicker development times compared to typical genetic modification.


The Italian (and US) name for baby marrows.