Guestroom types

Guestroom types are a differentiation among the varieties of guestroom based on types of sleeping accommodations or equipment. usually identified by specific symbols as follows: t – room with one twin bed tt – room with two twin beds. d – room with one double bed dd – room with two double beds st – studio; room with a Day bed or convertible sofa. q – room with one queen bed. k; room with one king bed. p – parlor sitting room usually having hidden sleep equipment; may be set For a small meeting or hospitality function. s – suite; two or more rooms that connect internally and are sold as one unit. con – rooms that are adjacent and Connect internally bs – bilevel suite; a suite on two levels having an internal stairway between levels. es – executive suite; a high-quality suite; usually having two or more rooms but only one with access to the hotel corridor. Also; read about different room types in hotels.

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