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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition
Yacht Club

A private club located near a large body of water, whose main purpose is to provide facilities such as marinas to boat owners.

Yatri Niwas

A yatri niwas provides low-cost, self-service accommodation to domestic tourist in cities. The emphasis is on modest comfort and affordability.


Yeast is a group of microorganisms used in fermenting some foods and leavening bread. Yeast converts sugars in food to carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Yield management

Yield management is a method in a hotel of matching customers’ rooms purchase patterns and their demand for rooms to derive more precise occupancy forecasts and develop appropriate room rates to maximize revenue.

Yield statistics

Yield statistics means actual total room revenue for a period of time divided by potential sales revenue for that period and multiplied by 100.

Youth Hostel

The youth, from rural as well as urban areas, travel for various reasons, such as education, adventures, and recreation. Youth hostels were established to cater to the youth on the move, who couldn't afford steep hotel rents. A youth hostel generally provides low-cost dormitory accommodation with common bathing and cafeteria facilities. They may also provide kitchens for self-catering. Example are YMCA hotels.

Synonyms - Hostel