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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition
Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef is a very high grade of beef. Formed from two words, Wa, meaning Japanese or japanese style, and Gyu, cattle, this breed is renowned for its high fat content, or marbling, which tends to make the meat extraordinarily tender; it is also famous for its for rich flavor and extremely high prices, sometimes selling for hundreds of dollars a pound. Some scientists believe the fat of this beef is richer in Omega-3 fatty acids, a particularly healthy nutrient, than the fat of most cattle. Often when Wagyu are raised in Japan, they are fed wheat bran, barley, grass and even beer, as well as having their skin massaged with sake and receiving little exercise. 


Reservation kept on hold due to the hotel is overbooked.

Synonyms - Waitlist
Wake Call

A process in which the front office telephone operator calls the guest at a requested time to wake up the guest.

Synonyms - Wake up call,wake-up

A guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.

Walk-InWalk-in Refrigerator

Walk-in Refrigerator is a large insulated storage area where bulk items are kept cold.


Turning away a guest who has a reservation because of a lack of room availability.

Walnut oil

One of the many kinds of oil used in salad dressings.

Warehouse Store

Warehouse Store is A discount retailer offering merchandise in a no-frills environment. These stores often cut costs by reducing services and product variety.

Warp yarns

Warp yarns are the yarns that run the length of the fabric.


Wash - 1) Brushing or coating a food item with a liquid such as egg white, milk or egg wash. 2) The liquid used to coat a food item. 3) The applying of the coat to a food item is also called a wash.

Synonyms - Egg Wash
Wash down

Blocking fewer rooms than the number requested by a group, based on previous group history.

Water Park Hotel

A hotel that offers a large recreational water elements such large pools, multiple pools, slides or other water related venues.


Belgian and Dutch fish stew made with several kinds of fish.

Weak Flour

Weak Flour - Flour which has a low gluten content, such as cake flour or all-purpose flour.

Weekly cycle

Weekly cycle is a sales revenue cycle for a 7-day period.