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Reservation kept on hold due to the hotel is overbooked.

Synonyms - Waitlist

A guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.


Turning away a guest who has a reservation because of a lack of room availability.


Wash - 1) Brushing or coating a food item with a liquid such as egg white, milk or egg wash. 2) The liquid used to coat a food item. 3) The applying of the coat to a food item is also called a wash.

Synonyms - Egg Wash
Wash down

Blocking fewer rooms than the number requested by a group, based on previous group history.

Water Park Hotel

A hotel that offers a large recreational water elements such large pools, multiple pools, slides or other water related venues.

Weak Flour

Weak Flour - Flour which has a low gluten content, such as cake flour or all-purpose flour.


Whip - To beat with a rapid lifting motion to incorporate air into a product.


Whitewash - A thin mixture of starch, such as flour or cornstarch and cold liquid used to thicken sauces or other liquid items.

Whitney System

Whitney rack, Whitney system is a manual system of reservation used for Managing reservations and other front office operations.

Synonyms - Whitney Rack, Whitney

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