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A room status term indicating that the room has been cleaned and inspected, and is ready for the arriving guest.

Synonyms - VA
Vacant Ready

Vacant and ready: The room has been cleaned and inspected and is ready for an arriving guest.

Synonyms - VR, VI, Vacant Inspected

Sweet made of meringue in the form of a nest filled with cream, etc.


Laundry attendant who receives and delivers guests laundry.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking attendants - Persons who provide parking service for guests automobiles

Valley Period

Also known as off-season, valley periods are times when demand for a property and its services is lowest. Reduced room rates and discounts are often offered during valley periods to attract business.

Synonyms - Off-Season,off season
Variety Meat

Variety Meat - The non-skeletal meats of the dressed carcass. These include liver, tongue, kidneys, heart etc.


Vegan - A strict vegetarian who eats no animal products.


Thin white sauce or soup made with veal or chicken stock.


Flesh of a deer, served as a grilled steak or roasted joint.


Juice pressed from sour unripe grapes or crab apples, used instead of vinegar in salad dressings.

Village Stay

An alternative form of tourism in which the tourist can experience life in a rural place, fishing village, farm, historic village, etc. by staying in the home of a resident, in a dormitory, or in some other type of accommodation


Salad-dressing, a sauce made of oil, vinegar and seasonings.


Very Important Person

VIP Amenities

Any gesture given complementary to a guest by the hotel management.

Synonyms - Amenities