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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

Umami is a culinary term used to describe a unique quality of flavor. This flavor is sometimes considered to be satisfying, meaty or savory, but it is difficult to put into words. Umami is considered to be one of the basic tastes, and it is based on the ability of human taste receptors to detect high levels of glutamate, an amino acid. The food additive MSG (monosodium glutamate) is one way to add this flavor. The word is Japanese in origin.

Unadjusted trial balance

Unadjusted trial balance shows each general ledger account and its balance before any adjusting entries are made to the accounts to correct sales revenue and expenses.

Under Stay

A guest who checks out before his or her stated departure date.

Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories An independent, nonprofit organization that tests electrical equipment and devices to ensure that the equipment is free of defects that could cause fire or shock.

Undistributed operating cost or expense

Undistributed operating cost or expense is the one that is not normally controlled by or the responsibility of an operating department.

Uniform System of Accounts

Uniform System of Accounts is a method of presenting financial statement information so that comparison is made easier between establishments or with hospitality industry averages.

Uniformed Service

The uniformed service department is to provide service to guests from the first second of arrival the hotel. Therefore, these personnel have to acquire special training to impress guests from the first instance. Personnel in this section are Doorman, Porter, Bell-Boy, Page Boy, Elevator Boy, Messenger, Valet Parking, Concierges etc.


Units-of-activity method

Units-of-activity method is depreciation method in which useful life is expressed in terms of the total units of production or use expected from an asset.

Units-of-production depreciation

Units-of-production depreciation is the method of depreciation basing expense on number of units used or produced by the asset during an accounting period to total estimated units to be used or produced during the life of the asset.


To move to better accommodation or room type or class of service. Normally upgrades is done free of cost.


The person who is responsible for repairing the furniture, cushion, carpet, curtains to keep the place in the best condition at all times.


Targeting the affluent segment of society, hotels in the up-market category offer world class products with personalised service of highest standards. The emphasis is on excellence and class. These hotels provide upscale restaurants and lounge, exquisite decor, concierge services, opulent rooms and abundant amenities

Synonyms - Luxury,World Class

A sales technique whereby a guest is offered a more expensive room than what he or she reserved or originally requested, and then persuaded to rent the room based on the room's features, benefits, and his or her needs.

Synonyms - Upsell
Useful life

Useful life  is an estimate of the expected productive life, also called service life, of an asset.