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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition
T account

T account is a simplified form of account in the shape of a T, with account title on top, debit on the left, and credit on the right.


Very pungent pepper-sauce sold in small bottles;used mainly to flavour a sauce or cocktail.

Table d'hote

Table d'hote (Buffet Menu) - A Menu that offers several courses at one fixed price. Generally, know as buffet menu.

Synonyms - Buffet Menu
Table Turn Rate

Table Turn Rate - The Average amount of time that a table is occupied.


Thin strips of pasta.

Target Markets

Market Segments that a property identifies as having the greatest potential and toward which marketing activities are aimed.

Telephone Traffic

Incoming and outgoing calls from a telephone board.


A machine used that transmits/receives to/from various destinations messages in typed words.


Temper - The gradual raising of the temperature of a cold liquid by the addition of a hot liquid. Normally done to avoid the breaking of the cold food item.


Tempering: A Method used to establish proper crystallisation of cocoa butter crystals in melted chocolate for a shiny, dark, hard-finished product.


When the reservation is waiting for bookers confirmation.

Synonyms - Tentative Booking

Earthenware dish in which items, e.g. liver pate can be cooked and served.

Terry cloth

Terry cloth are the Fabric made with a plain or twill base with extra warp yarns pulled up on either side of the base to form the loops on the face of a towel.

Thread count

Thread count are the number of warp and fill yarns per square inch. ticking Sturdy fabric used to cover mattresses and springs.


Herbal tea made of lime tree flowers.