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Table d'hote

Table d'hote (Buffet Menu) - A Menu that offers several courses at one fixed price. Generally, know as buffet menu.

Synonyms - Buffet Menu
Table Turn Rate

Table Turn Rate - The Average amount of time that a table is occupied.


Temper - The gradual raising of the temperature of a cold liquid by the addition of a hot liquid. Normally done to avoid the breaking of the cold food item.


Tempering: A Method used to establish proper crystallisation of cocoa butter crystals in melted chocolate for a shiny, dark, hard-finished product.


When the reservation is waiting for bookers confirmation.

Synonyms - Tentative Booking

Any pre-arranged (but not necessarily prepaid) journey to one or more places and back to the point of origin.

Tour Operator

A business that puts together travel tours and sells them directly to individuals or through travel agencies.


A guest room floor configuration in which rooms are grouped around a central vertical core.

Transient Hotel

Lodging operation that caters primarily to business people; transient hotels tend to be busiest Monday through Thursday.

Travel Agent

Travel Agent who receives the commission for the bookings given to the hotel. A travel agency can also be a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as activities, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, and package tours.

Synonyms - TA, Tour Operator
Travel Club

A type of travel agency that charges an annual fee to its members and in return offers packaged vacations to members at reduced prices.

Travel Desk

Transportation personnel - person who provide transportation services for guests.

Synonyms - Transportation Personnel
Turn Down Service

Turn Down Service: A Special service provided by the housekeeping department in which a room attendant enters the guest room in the early evening to restock supplies, tidy the room and turn down the covers of the bed.


Turntable - 1) A rotating platform which is on a pedestal, used for holding cakes which are being iced and decorated. 2) A glass turntable which is inside the microwave oven, rotating the food in the turntable helps the even out the exposure to microwaves the food evenly during the process.


A guest room with two twin beds.

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