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Very pungent pepper-sauce sold in small bottles;used mainly to flavour a sauce or cocktail.

Table d'hote

Table d'hote (Buffet Menu) - A Menu that offers several courses at one fixed price. Generally, know as buffet menu.

Synonyms - Buffet Menu
Table Turn Rate

Table Turn Rate - The Average amount of time that a table is occupied.


Thin strips of pasta.

Target Markets

Market Segments that a property identifies as having the greatest potential and toward which marketing activities are aimed.

Telephone Traffic

Incoming and outgoing calls from a telephone board.


A machine used that transmits/receives to/from various destinations messages in typed words.


Temper - The gradual raising of the temperature of a cold liquid by the addition of a hot liquid. Normally done to avoid the breaking of the cold food item.


Tempering: A Method used to establish proper crystallisation of cocoa butter crystals in melted chocolate for a shiny, dark, hard-finished product.


When the reservation is waiting for bookers confirmation.

Synonyms - Tentative Booking

Earthenware dish in which items, e.g. liver pate can be cooked and served.


Herbal tea made of lime tree flowers.

Time Stamp

A machine that stamps time on paper.


Herbal tea with barley or other flavour; useful to cure a headache or other mild ill-health.


Large round continental sponge cake, flavoured with liqueurs and elaborately decorated.