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Rack Rate

The published tariff for each room type/category in a hotel.

Synonyms - Tariff

Rich stew of beef.


Cheese-flavoured pastry tartlet.


Sliced onion, egg-plant, baby marrow, tomatoes" pimentoes, etc., stewed together as a vegetable dish.

Rate Spread

The Formula for Calculating Rate Spread:
Rate Spread = Potential Average Double Rate - Potential Average Single Rate


Small stuffed pieces of noodle paste, poached and served with a sauce.


Counter in a hotel that registers guests.


The hotplate on a waiter’s sideboard for keeping food, plates, etc., warm.


A reheated or made-up dish; usually appears on a table d’hote lunch menu.


Recipe - A list of ingredients and set of instructions for the preparation of a dish.

Recycled inventories

Recycled inventories: Those items in stock that have relatively limited useful lives but are sued over and over in housekeeping operations. Eg: Linen, uniforms, major machines etc and guest rentable objects. 


Reduce - To boil or simmer a liquid to a small volume. Usually, this is done to concentrate flavours.


Refresh: To run cold water over something that has been boiled.


The formality at arrival of the guest.

Registration Card

A printed form for a registration record, In most countries, the guest's signature on a registration card is required by law. View registration card / regcard samples

Synonyms - Reg Card, Rego Card, Arrival Card, Check-in Card