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Rack Rate

The published tariff for each room type/category in a hotel.

Synonyms - Tariff
Rate Spread

The Formula for Calculating Rate Spread:
Rate Spread = Potential Average Double Rate - Potential Average Single Rate


Recipe - A list of ingredients and set of instructions for the preparation of a dish.

Recycled inventories

Recycled inventories: Those items in stock that have relatively limited useful lives but are sued over and over in housekeeping operations. Eg: Linen, uniforms, major machines etc and guest rentable objects. 


Reduce - To boil or simmer a liquid to a small volume. Usually, this is done to concentrate flavours.


Refresh: To run cold water over something that has been boiled.

Registration Card

A printed form for a registration record, In most countries, the guest's signature on a registration card is required by law. View registration card / regcard samples

Synonyms - Reg Card, Rego Card, Arrival Card, Check-in Card
Relocation Guests

Those individuals or families relocating to an area who require lodging until permanent housing can be found.

Reservation Status

An indicator of a room's long-term availability for assignment. Examples of reservation status are 6 PM Release, Cancelled, Confirmed, CC Guarantee, Travel Agent Voucher, Group Block, Tentative, Waitlisted etc.

Synonyms - Res. Status
Reservations Agent

An employee, either in the front office or in a separate department, who is responsible for all aspects of reservations processing.

Reservations Department

A department within a hotel's rooms division staffed by skilled telemarketing personnel who take reservations over the phone, answer questions about facilities, quote prices and available dates, and sell to callers who are shopping around.


A guest room that being held under an individual or business' name at a particular hotel for a specific date or range of dates.

Resident Manager

The manager in charge of the rooms division in amid-size to a large hotel. Sometimes resident managers are also in charge of the hotel's security department.


A hotel, usually located in a desirable vacation spot, that offers fine dining, exceptional service, activities unavailable at most other properties, and many amenities.


The amount forfeited when a guest does not inform about their cancellation to the hotel is termed as the Retention Charges

Synonyms - Retention Charges is build to help hoteliers setup their operations. Get sample Stationery, Formats, SOP's, Staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more.
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