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Platter Service

Platter Service - A table service style in which server carries pre-plated cooked food to the dining room and presented to the guest.


Pulm: Soaking dried fruit in the liquid until it swells.


Poach: Simmering an item gently in syrup or liquid below the boiling point, while maintaining shape and texture.


Poached - Cooked in enough simmering liquid to cover the food.

Point of Sale Systems

Hospitality point of sale (POS) systems are computerised systems incorporating registers, computers and peripheral equipment, usually on a computer network to be used in Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, SPA, Banquet, Laundry, hair salons or hotels. 

Synonyms - POS, Point of Purchase, POP

Porter : The porter has to coordinate with the Doorman when guests arrive the hotel. Then the Porter would lift up the baggage or other luggage of guests and lead guests to register at the counter.

Synonyms - Porter
Portion Control

Portion Control - The measurement of a food item to ensure that the standard amount is served to the customer. This action is primary to have control over the food cost.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance: A systematic approach to maintenance in which situations are identified and corrected on a regular basis. This will help to control costs and keep larger problems from occurring.


Promotions - The ways in which a business tries to persuade people to buy its products and services. Eg: Online promotions, Social media promotions, TV or Visual media promotions etc.

Synonyms - Online promotions, Social media promotions, Visual media promotions

Proof: To test yeast for potency before baking,

Property Management System

They are computerised systems that facilitate the management of properties, personal property, equipment, including maintenance, legalities and personnel all through a single piece of software. They replaced old-fashioned, paper-based methods that tended to be both cumbersome and inefficient. Such systems are often deployed as client/server configurations or the most next-generation property management systems are cloud, web or browser-based technologies.

Synonyms - PMS, Hotel Software, Hotel Systems, Hotel Operating System, HOS

Protein - Are Extremely complex combinations of amino acids which occur naturally in different food items. Proteins are essential constituents of all living cells.

Public Area

The Public Area refers to the place where all guests make the use of, such as the dining room, the swimming pool, the garden, the lobby, the hallway, the conference room, the banquet hall, and the fitness room. In these places, the personnel would be responsible for the cleanliness and the tidiness all the time.


Puree - Making a puree into mash product to a fine pulp, usually by forcing it through a sieve or putting it into a blender. is build to help hoteliers setup their operations. Get sample Stationery, Formats, SOP's, Staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more.
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