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A special offering of products and services created by a hotel to increase sales. There are weekend packages, honeymoon packages, sports packages, and so on. A typical package might, for a special price, include the guest room, meals, and the use of the property's recreational facilities.

Package Tour

A tour put together by a tour packager or operator. Travellers who buy the package make the trips by themselves rather than with a large group. 


The pageboy is to give services to guests at the front of the house. Generally, the Pageboy would walk to various points where guests are expected to sit.

Pan Fry

Pan-Fry - To cook a food item in a moderate amount of fat or oil.

Synonyms - Pan-Fry

Papillote - French term denoting the cooking of an item wrapped in paper or possible foil.


The Potential Avg. Rate (PAR) is a collective statistics that combines the potential average rate, multiple occupancy percentages and the rate spread.

Synonyms - PARS, PARD
Par Boil

Par-boil - To partially cook in simmering or boiling the liquid.

Synonyms - Par-Boil
Par Number

Par Number: A multiple of the standard quantity of a particular inventory item that represents the quantity of the item that must be on hand to support daily routine housekeeping operations.


Par-cook - To cook partially by any method.

Synonyms - Par Cook

Pasteurized - Partial sterilization of a substance, particularly a liquid, at a temperature and for a length of time sufficient to kill harmful bacteria.

Synonyms - Pasteurized

Pathogen - Is an infectious microorganism such as a virus, bacterium, protozoa, prion, or fungus. 

Pay Master Room

A Virtual or dummy room used for posting incidental charges, banquet charges, group charges, passerby chargers, Point of sale Card, Cash and Bill to Company Settlements etc. Pseudo rooms are not counted as a physical room and don't affect the hotel availability or statistical figures.

Synonyms - PM, PM Room, Dummy Room, Pseudo Room
Paying Guest

A Paying Guest (PG) accommodation is a non-institutional accommodation offered by the individual household at the various destination. This kind of accommodation is becoming popular in large metropolitan cities among outstation students and the employed youth migrants from other towns. Guest normally pays for accommodation, while the rules for F& B services may differ from host to host.

Synonyms - PG

Pesco-vegetarian - An individual who does not eat meat but eats dairy products, eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits.


Pinch: A pinch is an amount you can hold between your thumb and forefinger.

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