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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

A special offering of products and services created by a hotel to increase sales. There are weekend packages, honeymoon packages, sports packages, and so on. A typical package might, for a special price, include the guest room, meals, and the use of the property's recreational facilities.

Package Tour

A tour put together by a tour packager or operator. Travellers who buy the package make the trips by themselves rather than with a large group. 


The pageboy is to give services to guests at the front of the house. Generally, the Pageboy would walk to various points where guests are expected to sit.

Paid-in capital, excess of par

Paid-in capital, excess of par is the amount received by incorporated companies when their stock has sold for more than its par value; formerly referred to as capital surplus.


Refers to cheese straws as served with some soups, such as turtle soup.


Biscuit made of puff pastry in the form of a palm leaf.

Pan Fry

Pan-Fry - To cook a food item in a moderate amount of fat or oil.

Synonyms - Pan-Fry

Papillote - French term denoting the cooking of an item wrapped in paper or possible foil.


An item finished to cook in a paper case so that it expands and turns brown in the oven.


The Potential Avg. Rate (PAR) is a collective statistics that combines the potential average rate, multiple occupancy percentages and the rate spread.

Synonyms - PARS, PARD

Par are the standard quantity of a particular inventory item that must be on hand to support daily, routine housekeeping operations.

Par Boil

Par-boil - To partially cook in simmering or boiling the liquid.

Synonyms - Par-Boil
Par Number

Par Number: A multiple of the standard quantity of a particular inventory item that represents the quantity of the item that must be on hand to support daily routine housekeeping operations.

Par value stock

Par value stock is the capital stock that has been assigned a value per share in the corporate charter.


Par-cook - To cook partially by any method.

Synonyms - Par Cook