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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition
Objectivity principle

Objectivity principle is a principle of accounting requiring all business transactions to be documented in writing.

Occasional table

Occasional table is a small end table.


The number of rooms sold to the total.

Occupancy management formula

Occupancy management formula is the calculation that considers confirmed reservations, guaranteed reservations, no-show factors of these two types of reservations, predicted stayovers, predicted understays, and predicted walk-ins to determine the number of additional room reservations needed to achieve 100 percent occupancy.

Occupancy Percentage

Occupancy Percentage is the most commonly used operating ratio in the hotel front office, The Occupancy percentage indicates the proportion of rooms either sold or occupied to the number of rooms available for the selected date or period.

Occupancy percentage

Occupancy percentage is the ratio of rooms occupied to rooms available expressed in percentage terms.

Occupancy percentage

Occupancy percentage is the number of rooms sold divided by the number of rooms available.

Occupancy Report

A report prepared each night by a front desk agent that lists rooms occupied that night and also lists those guests expected to check out the following day.


A room status term indicating that a guest is currently registered to the room.


Several kinds of oil are used to make salad dressing,e.g. olive, peanut, sunflower, walnut, grape seed.


Also called ‘lady’s fingers’ or gombos; a pale green, elongated and hollow vegetable pod.

On Change

On-change: The guest has departed, but the room has not yet been cleaned and readied for re-sale.

On Request

Status of a room wherein a personal reservation in made subject to confirmation at a later date.


On-line ; operational and connected to the main computer system.


A guest has arrived at the hotel, but the room assigned is not yet ready. In such cases, the room is put on Queue status in-order for the housekeeping staff to prioritise such rooms first.

Synonyms - Queue, Early Makeup