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E.g. homard a la nage, or lobster boiled and served ‘swimming’ in some of its cooking liquid.

Name Tag

A tag or badge bearing the name of the wearer or attached to an object and bearing the name of its owner.

Synonyms - Badge

Name given to oysters reared in beds such as at Colchester.


Rich stew made with cheap cuts of mutton, usually garnished with potatoes and spring vegetables.

No Post

Special functionality on Property management systems (PMS) to activate a 'NO post' on reservations this will stop any extra charges from other outlets or connected systems to be charged to the guest room. Example a No Post flag can be activated for interfaces like Telephone, Wifi or Internet, Point of Sale (POS), SPA systems etc.


A guest who made a room confirmed reservation but did not register or Check-in.

Synonyms - No Show
Non-Recycled inventories

Non-Recycled inventories: Those items in stock that are consumed or used up during the course of routine housekeeping operations. Non-recycled inventories including cleaning supplies, small equipment items, guest supplies etc.


Thin strips of noodle paste, plain-boiled and usually tossed in hot butter and served with grated Parmesan cheese.


Nouvelle Cuisine - A modern style of cooking that emphasizes light sauces and seasoning and shortened cooking time, sometimes combined.

Synonyms - Nouvelle Cuisine

Nutrient - Anything having food value. It is that which is in food that supports the life system.


Almonds, brazils, pecans, walnuts, etc., served as a dessert.