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Macerate: Tossing fruit in sugar, lemon, wine or liqueur to absorb flavours.

Maitre d’hotel

Maitre d’hotel - Maitre d’hotel is the Supervisor of the F&B outlet. He looks after the day to day operations of a foodservice outlet.

Make Up

Make up: Servicing of the room while a guest is registered in the room.


Marinate / Marination - To soak food is a flavorful liquid to add flavour and to tenderize.

Synonyms - Marination

Mask - To Cover a food item completely with a sauce.

Mass Tourism

Wide-scale travel by a large number of people, not just the elite brought about by the increase in leisure time, discretionary income, and reliable and inexpensive modes of transportation such as the automobile and aeroplane.

Mass Tourist

Guests or Travelers participating in wide-scale travel designed for large numbers of people.

Master Folio

A dummy room or bill that all charges for the members of a group are routed or posted to. Eg: Room and Food routed to group master room or group PM room.

Synonyms - Group Master
Master Key

Master Key: A Key which opens all guest room doors which are not double locked.


Meringue: Egg whites and sugar beaten to a stiff consistency.


Messenger: This personnel give services in sending various messages required by the Front Office Department in servicing guests.

Mid-Range Service

A modest but sufficient level of service that appeals to the largest segment of the travelling public. A mid-range property may offer uniformed service, airport limousine service, and food and beverage room service; a speciality restaurant, coffee shop, and lounge; and special rates for certain guests.


The Mini Bar services is a apart from the Room Service. The Mini-bar crews are responsible for cleaning drinking glasses, storing them in places, filling in the ice cubes, and soft drinks in the refrigerator, to keep the amount in full according to the Mini-bar Menu.

Synonyms - Mini Bar

Mirepoix (meer-pwah) - Mixture of vegetables, herbs, and spices used to enhance the flavour of meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Common ingredients are onion, celery, carrot leek, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaf, clove, thyme and rosemary.


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