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Diced carrot and turnip mixed with peas and diamonds of French beans, as a vegetable garnish.


Macerate: Tossing fruit in sugar, lemon, wine or liqueur to absorb flavours.


The breast of duck that was fattened for its liver; usually cooked rare in that it has little fat.


Lean in that it has little or no fat; or Lenten, meaning a dish suitable for eating during Lent.

Maitre d’hotel

Maitre d’hotel - Maitre d’hotel is the Supervisor of the F&B outlet. He looks after the day to day operations of a foodservice outlet.

Maitre d’Hotel

A head waiter or restaurant manager.

Make Up

Make up: Servicing of the room while a guest is registered in the room.

Management Contracts

It is a contract between the owner of the property and a hotel operator (management contractor) by which the owner employs the operator as an agent to assume the full responsibilities for operating and managing the hotel. The operator can be a hotel chain with a reputed name and market image, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Best Western etc.


The snow or sugar pea, grown to be cooked and eaten whole in the pod.


Flavouring and tenderising liquid of wine, vinegar, herbs and spices; used for tough meat and for certain vegetables and fish.


Marinate / Marination - To soak food is a flavorful liquid to add flavour and to tenderize.

Synonyms - Marination
Market Share

The number of rooms nights a property sells compared with the total number of room nights within a market area.


A system of interrelated activities formulated to plan, price, promote and make available the services or products offered by the hotel to potential customers or guests in a particular target market.

Marketing Mix

The combination of the four 'P's' or marketing which is Product, Price, Place and promotion. Read more about the marketing mix.

Marketing Plan

A Guide for marketing, sales, advertising and promotional efforts.