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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

Diced carrot and turnip mixed with peas and diamonds of French beans, as a vegetable garnish.


Macerate: Tossing fruit in sugar, lemon, wine or liqueur to absorb flavours.


The breast of duck that was fattened for its liver; usually cooked rare in that it has little fat.


Lean in that it has little or no fat; or Lenten, meaning a dish suitable for eating during Lent.

Maintenance checklist
Maintenance checklist is a document used as a guide in the performance of a maintenance inspection.
Maintenance inspection
Maintenance inspection are the inspection conducted for the sole purpose of uncovering repair needs, as opposed to cleaning needs; also conducted to ensure that preventive maintenance is being regularly performed on machinery and equipment.
Maintenance work request form
Maintenance work request form is a three-part document used for recording the need for repairs; is transmitted to the engineering department. Form allows for the Control and progressing of work and the recording of man-hours and materials involved in the repairs performed.
Maitre d’hotel

Maitre d’hotel - Maitre d’hotel is the Supervisor of the F&B outlet. He looks after the day to day operations of a foodservice outlet.

Maitre d’Hotel

A head waiter or restaurant manager.

Make Up

Make up: Servicing of the room while a guest is registered in the room.

Management by objectives (MBO)

Management by objectives (MBO) is a concept based on the assumption that employees can be committed to their work, allowing for maximum involvement and participation in setting subgoals, personal goals, and performance standards for judging employees’ work.

Management Contracts

It is a contract between the owner of the property and a hotel operator (management contractor) by which the owner employs the operator as an agent to assume the full responsibilities for operating and managing the hotel. The operator can be a hotel chain with a reputed name and market image, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Best Western etc.

Manager is a person in the hotel operations who is assigned to manage or supervise a group of employees; must have leadership skills.
Manager’s daily report

Manager’s daily report is a report prepared daily, generally by the accounting office, to indicate each day’s key business operating statistics, such as room occupancy percentage and average food check by meal period.


The snow or sugar pea, grown to be cooked and eaten whole in the pod.