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Lacto-oco-vegetarian - An Individual who does not eat meat, eggs, fish but eats dairy products, vegetables and fruits.


Laison - A binding and enriching agent used in the finishing of sauces, usually composed of egg and cream, or raw butter.


A guest room with a balcony or patio, overlooking water or a garden.


Distinguishing feature that stands out and provides a reference point for orientation. Landmarks also provide travelers with information about direction and distance.


The Dublin Bay prawn, an orange-pink crustacean that stays the same colour when cooked.

Langue de chat

Dry biscuit shaped like a long tongue, served with ice cream, stewed fruit, etc.


Lard - The soft, white, solid or semi-solid fat rendered from the fatty tissue of the hog.


Larding - To insert a strip of fat into a piece of meat prior to cooking.


Thin broad ribbon strips of pasta, cooked and served as for spaghetti.

Late Arrival

A guest holding a reservation who plans to arrive after the property's designated cancellation hour and so notifies the property.

Late Charge

A transaction requiring posting to a guest account that does not reach the front office for posting before the guest had checked out or done the final settlement.

Synonyms - Late Fees
Late Check out

Late Check out: The guest has requested and is being allowed to check out later than the normal/standard departure time of the hotel.

Synonyms - Late Departure
Latex mattress

Latex mattress are the mattress made of whipped synthetic rubber; foam rubber mattress.

Laundry consultant
Laundry consultant are the expert in the development of laundry facilities and operations.
Laundry Room

The laundry department is responsible for the whole washing, dry cleaning, ironing services of the hotel, such as all the uniform of the personnel in the hotel, including the clothes of guests.

Synonyms - Laundry