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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

LAC - An acronym for Latin America and the Caribbean.


LACOTS - Local Authorities Coordinating Body on Food and Trading Standards. A U.K.-based organization created with the intent to uphold fair trading standards and food safety.


Lacto-oco-vegetarian - An Individual who does not eat meat, eggs, fish but eats dairy products, vegetables and fruits.


Lactose is a sugar naturally occurring in milk, also known as “milk sugar.” It is the least sweet of all natural sugars and is used in baby formulas and candies.


Laison - A binding and enriching agent used in the finishing of sauces, usually composed of egg and cream, or raw butter.


A guest room with a balcony or patio, overlooking water or a garden.


Distinguishing feature that stands out and provides a reference point for orientation. Landmarks also provide travelers with information about direction and distance.


The Dublin Bay prawn, an orange-pink crustacean that stays the same colour when cooked.

Langue de chat

Dry biscuit shaped like a long tongue, served with ice cream, stewed fruit, etc.


Lapping is a method of fraud that can occur when an employee has complete control of accounts receivable and payments received on these accounts.


Lard - The soft, white, solid or semi-solid fat rendered from the fatty tissue of the hog.


Larding - To insert a strip of fat into a piece of meat prior to cooking.


Thin broad ribbon strips of pasta, cooked and served as for spaghetti.

Last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory costing

Last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory costing is a method of inventory costing where the most recently purchased items are assumed to be the first ones used.

Late Arrival

A guest holding a reservation who plans to arrive after the property's designated cancellation hour and so notifies the property.