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Small pieces of fish or meat, with onion, tomato,bay leaf, etc., threaded on a skewer and grilled; another name for brochette.


A mixture of flaked smoked haddock, hard-boiled egg, rice, etc. served as a breakfast or supper dish; sometimes served with curry sauce.

Key Card

A plastic card, resembling a credit card, used in place of a metal key to open a guest room door. Card keys require electronic locks.

Synonyms - Card Key, RF Card

Kilo - The prefix used in the metric measurement system meaning 1000. 1000 gram is called as 1 Kilogram.

King Bed

A bed approximately 78 inches by 80 inches.


Smoked opened herring, served as a breakfast or supper dish.


Knead: Manipulating dough using the heel of your palm to achieve a smooth consistency.


Kosher Style - Foods which have been blessed by a rabbi or those prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws.


KOT - Kitchen Order Ticket.