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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

K-Minus is a slang for a food service establishment that has no kitchen. Typically, food is prepared by a central kitchen.


Small pieces of fish or meat, with onion, tomato,bay leaf, etc., threaded on a skewer and grilled; another name for brochette.


A mixture of flaked smoked haddock, hard-boiled egg, rice, etc. served as a breakfast or supper dish; sometimes served with curry sauce.

Key Card

A plastic card, resembling a credit card, used in place of a metal key to open a guest room door. Card keys require electronic locks.

Synonyms - Card Key, RF Card
Key clerk

Key clerk is a person who issues keys to registered guests and other hotel personnel and sorts incoming mail for registered guests and management staff.

Key control

Key control is the process of reducing guest and property theft and other security related incidents by carefully monitoring and tracking the use of keys at a hospitality operation.

Key control program
Key control program are the plan or control for the prevention of loss of keys used by employees in the daily performance of their work functions.
Key drawer

Key drawer is a drawer located underneath the counter of the front desk that holds room keys in slots in numerical order.

Key pouch
Key pouch are the leather container for storing keys. Pouch usually contains an identifying mark or number to facilitate easy reference to a specific area of the facility and ease in subcustody reference and key control inventory.
Key Rack

Key Rack is a rack that is used to placed the room keys.


Keypad is a numeric collection of typewriter keys and function keys that allows the operator to enter numbers or perform math functions in a computer.


Kilo - The prefix used in the metric measurement system meaning 1000. 1000 gram is called as 1 Kilogram.

King Bed

A bed approximately 78 inches by 80 inches.


Kiosk is a small leased area, booth or cart inside a store or mall.


Smoked opened herring, served as a breakfast or supper dish.