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Small pieces of fish or meat, with onion, tomato,bay leaf, etc., threaded on a skewer and grilled; another name for brochette.


A mixture of flaked smoked haddock, hard-boiled egg, rice, etc. served as a breakfast or supper dish; sometimes served with curry sauce.

Key Card

A plastic card, resembling a credit card, used in place of a metal key to open a guest room door. Card keys require electronic locks.

Synonyms - Card Key, RF Card
Key control

Key control is the process of reducing guest and property theft and other security related incidents by carefully monitoring and tracking the use of keys at a hospitality operation.


Kilo - The prefix used in the metric measurement system meaning 1000. 1000 gram is called as 1 Kilogram.

King Bed

A bed approximately 78 inches by 80 inches.


Smoked opened herring, served as a breakfast or supper dish.


Knead: Manipulating dough using the heel of your palm to achieve a smooth consistency.


Kosher Style - Foods which have been blessed by a rabbi or those prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws.


KOT - Kitchen Order Ticket.