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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

A ham such as a fine cooked York ham or a smoked Parma ham, cut into thin slices.


Jardiniere - The French term meaning the serving of a food item garnished with vegetables.

Job description

Job description is a detailed list identifying all the key duties of a job as well as reporting relationships, additional responsibilities, working conditions, and any necessary equipment and materials.

Job descriptions
Job descriptions are the documents describing the work to be done in each of several unique jobs within a department. Specify working hours, special qualifications of the worker, if any, responsibilities and duties of incumbents to the positions to which they refer. Usually prepared for workers who do hands-on work and first-line supervising.
Joint cost or expense

Joint cost or expense is one that is shared by more than one department.


Journal is the accounting record summarizing business transactions as they occur prior to posting the information to the individual accounts.

Journal entry

Journal entry is the recording of a business transaction in a journal.


Thin gravy as made from the drippings of a roast joint, or a thickened sauce known as jus lie.

Jus Lie

Jus Lie - A French term referring to meat juice that has been lightly thickened with either arrowroot or cornstarch.