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Hand Caddy

Hand Caddy:  A portable container for storing and transporting cleaning supplies and equipment.

Synonyms - Caddy
Handling capacity

Handling capacity  are the measure of the design of a laundry facility that relates to the amount and ease of handling of linen within the facility. 

Hard floor

Hard floor are the Non-carpeted  floor. These floors are among the most durable of all floor surfaces, but also the least resilient. Types of hard floors include concrete , marble and terrazzo, ceramic file, and other natural stone.


Ornamental skewer used on large joints, particular cold ones on a buffet display.

HazComm Standard

HazComm - Hazard Communication Standard is the OSHA' s regulation requiring employers to inform employees about possible hazards related to chemicals they use on the job.

Health Club

Provides gymnasium, health baths, SPA, messages, etc.

Synonyms - SPA,Message
Helical hooks

Helical hooks are the small coils with hooks on both ends.


Herb - A wide variety of aromatic plants used for seasoning and garnishing foods. Many of these plants also have medicinal values. Types of Herbs used in the hotel kitchen.

Homogeneous color

Homogeneous color are the color that permeates the entire layer of vinyl flooring so that the color does not wear off with use.


Hoppers are the openings in washing machines through which detergents can be poured. Also called ports.


First course of a menu, usually a selection of small items of egg, fish, meat and vegetables in pungent dressings.


The cordial and generous reception of guests. Derived from the Latin term hospes, "a guest."

Hospitality Industry

Lodging and food service businesses that provide short-term or transitional lodging and/or food.

Hospitality suite

Hospitality suite are the guestroom that has been temporarily set up to accommodate a small party; may require the movement of some furniture; more appropriately set
In a suite or parlor.

Hospitality Suite

A room used for entertaining (e.g., a cocktail party); usually a function room or parlor.