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Hand Caddy

Hand Caddy:  A portable container for storing and transporting cleaning supplies and equipment.

Synonyms - Caddy

Ornamental skewer used on large joints, particular cold ones on a buffet display.

Health Club

Provides gymnasium, health baths, SPA, messages, etc.

Synonyms - SPA,Message

Herb - A wide variety of aromatic plants used for seasoning and garnishing foods. Many of these plants also have medicinal values. Types of Herbs used in the hotel kitchen.


First course of a menu, usually a selection of small items of egg, fish, meat and vegetables in pungent dressings.


The cordial and generous reception of guests. Derived from the Latin term hospes, "a guest."

Hospitality Industry

Lodging and food service businesses that provide short-term or transitional lodging and/or food.

Hospitality Suite

A room used for entertaining (e.g., a cocktail party); usually a function room or parlor.


Hostess - Hostess is a member of restaurant brigade. Duty of hostess includes taking restaurant reservation and receiving them at the door.

Hot Water Bath

Hot Water Bath: The idea of preventing an item from coming into contact with direct heat.


A Hotel or Inn may be defined as an establishment whose primary business is providing lodging facilities for the general public, and which furnishes services like Reception, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Concierge, Laundry etc. Read more about Hotel Industry

Synonyms - Inn, B&B
Hotel Chain

A hotel company that operates several properties, such as Wyndham Worldwide, Best Western, Marriot, Taj, Holiday Inn, Movenpick or Hilton Hotels Corporation. Such an operator provides both a trademark and a reservation system as an integral part of the management of its managed properties.

Synonyms - Chain Hotel, Multi Property, Corporate Hotel Chain
Hotel Management Company

A company that is hired to professionally manage a hotel(s) for other owners.

Hotel Representative

An individual who offers hotel reservations to wholesalers, travel agents, and the public. A hotel representative or "rep" may be paid by the hotels he or she represents on a fee basis or by the commission. Many hotel reps also offer marketing and other services.

House Brand

House Brand - A brand of liquor a restaurant uses when guests orders cocktails without specifying the use of any particular brand.