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Sausage-shaped chicken or veal forcemeat, decorated and glazed as a cold buffet dish.


Large prawn, also called crevette rose.


General French term for a waiter especially in a cafe where all are of the same rank.


Garni - To add a garnish or decoration to a finished food.


Garnish - The artistic complementing of a food item with other food or edible item.


Elaborately decorated sponge cake for cutting into wedge-shaped portions; often served as a sweet in this country.


Gelatinization - The process of converting into a jelly.

Synonyms - Gelatinisation

Collective term for game; gibier a plumes means game birds and gibier it poil means hares, deer, wild boar, etc.


Glaze: Applying a thick liquid over the surface of an item to give a final glossy look.

Global Distribution System

A distribution channel for reservations that provides worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allows selling of hotel reservations around the world, usually accomplished by connecting the hotel reservation system with an airline reservation system ( Eg - Amadeus, Saber, Galileo/Apollo or Worldspan etc.)

Synonyms - GDS

Gluten - The protein-based substance in wheat flour which builds the structure in baked items or goods.


Small dumplings made of chou pastry, potato or semolina, etc., served in a sauce as a farinaceous course.


Small strips of fillets of fish approx 7 cm x 0.5 cm thick, usually fried and served in a bunch.


A person who is very knowledgeable about wine and food and who enjoys savouring it.


Gram - The basic unit of weight in the metric measurement system.