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Garni - To add a garnish or decoration to a finished food.


Garnish - The artistic complementing of a food item with other food or edible item.


Gelatinization - The process of converting into a jelly.

Synonyms - Gelatinisation

Glaze: Applying a thick liquid over the surface of an item to give a final glossy look.

Global Distribution System

A distribution channel for reservations that provides worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allows selling of hotel reservations around the world, usually accomplished by connecting the hotel reservation system with an airline reservation system ( Eg - Amadeus, Saber, Galileo/Apollo or Worldspan etc.)

Synonyms - GDS

Gluten - The protein-based substance in wheat flour which builds the structure in baked items or goods.


Gram - The basic unit of weight in the metric measurement system.

Grand Master

Grand Master / Emergency Key: A Key which opens all guest rooms and doors even when they are double locked.

Synonyms - Emergency Key
Green Hotels

Green Hotels are environmentally-friendly properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste. The basic definition of a green hotel is an environmentally responsible lodging that follows the practices of green living.


Griddle - The process of cooking food on a flat, solid surface.


Grill / Grilling - The cooking of food item over an open heat source on a screen or grid.

Synonyms - Grilling
Gross Piece

Gross Piece - The centrepiece of a buffet platter.

Group Pick-up

The guest rooms that are actually rented by a group that helps in a Group Reservation.

Synonyms - Group Allocation
Group Reservations

A block of multiple guest rooms that are being held under an individual or business' name at a particular hotel for a specific date or range of dates. Generally used for conventions, conferences, meetings, receptions, weddings, etc.

Guaranteed Reservations

A reservation that is guaranteed by the guest to be paid even if the guest fails to arrive. Often this guarantee is made by a company or with a credit card.

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