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Food and Beverage Charges or Revenues generated from Food and Beverage Outlets.

Synonyms - F&B Revenue
Familiarisation Tour

A reduced-rate, often complementary, trip or tour offered to travel agents, wholesalers, incentive travel planners, travel writers, broadcasters, or photographers to promote a hotel or a destination.

Synonyms - FAM, FAM Tour, FAM Trip, Familiarisation Trip
Family Life Cycle

A series of stages used to distinguish between types of travellers; variables used to determine family life cycle stages are age, marital status, and presence and ages of children.

Family Rate

A special room rate for parents and children occupying one guest room.


Fermentation - The interaction of yeast and carbohydrates which develops carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.


Fiber - Indigestible carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables.


FIT means Free Independent Traveler or Free Independent Tourist. A FIT is an individual or family or group less than 7 rooms travelling and vacationing with a self-booked itinerary. FIT travel is. not done as a member of a traditional guided tour.

Synonyms - Free Independent Traveler, Free Independent Tourist
Fixed Menu

Fixed Menu - A menu that doesn't change every day.


Flambe: To flame a dessert or other food by dousing with potable alcohol and setting alight.

Floor Par

Floor Par: The quantity of each type of linen that is required to outfit all rooms serviced on that floor.


Florentine - Garnishing a dish with spinach.


The florist is responsible for arranging all kinds of flowers in the hotel, including the Guest Rooms, the Dining Room, the Hall, various banquets and in offices.


Floured: Dusted with a thin layer of flour.


Flute: Making a decorative scalloped design on the edge of a pie crust or pastry.


Fold / Folding - The process of gently mixing of one ingredient with another.

Synonyms - Folding

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