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E.P Weight

E.P Weight - Edible Portion (E.P)- It is referred to the weight of the food item after trimming and preparation are done.

Early Arrival

A guest who arrives at the property before the date of his or her reservation.

Early Check-in

A guest who arrives at the property before the normal arrival time/check-in time of the hotel.

Eco Tourism

Low-impact tourism that avoids harming the natural or normal environment. In this relatively new approach to promoting the enjoyment, as well as protection, of the environment, tourists seek out environmentally-sensitive travel and/or tours or vacations which, in some way, improve or add to their knowledge of an environment

Synonyms - Eco-Tourism

Elastin - A type of connective tissue in meat which does not dissolve in cooking.

Electrostatic dissipation

Electrostatic is a  dissipation are the carpet treatment in which a solution is applied to make the carpet resistant to static electricity.

Elevator boy

Elevator boy: This person is responsible in controlling the moving up and down of the lift, and to advise the hallway for guests.

Employee referral program

Employee referral program -  A department or property program that influences employees to encourage friends or acquaintances to apply for a position. Such programs usually reward employees who refer successful candidates to the properly.


Emulsion - The combination of two incompatible liquids, such as oil and water.

Enameled cast iron

Enameled cast iron are the common material for bathroom fixtures, especially sinks and tubs.


Nowadays the French name for the sweet course on a menu; this used to be the name of the entree course.


Edible snails; usually served hot in the shells as a first course.


A person, usually employed by a tour operator, who accompanies atour from departure to return and serves as guide, trouble-shooter, etc.

Synonyms - Group Escort

Strong black coffee made under steam pressure and served in a small cup.

European Plan

A room billing arrangement under which all meals are priced separately or room only plan.

Synonyms - EP