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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

E-Commerce is the use of online, Internet-based sales methods. The phrase is used to describe both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales.


E-mail is a communication system that uses an electronic network to send messages via computers.

E.P Weight

E.P Weight - Edible Portion (E.P)- It is referred to the weight of the food item after trimming and preparation are done.

Early Arrival

A guest who arrives at the property before the date of his or her reservation.

Early Check-in

A guest who arrives at the property before the normal arrival time/check-in time of the hotel.

Earnings per share

Earnings per share is the net income for the year divided by average shares outstanding during the year.

Eco Tourism

Low-impact tourism that avoids harming the natural or normal environment. In this relatively new approach to promoting the enjoyment, as well as protection, of the environment, tourists seek out environmentally-sensitive travel and/or tours or vacations which, in some way, improve or add to their knowledge of an environment

Synonyms - Eco-Tourism

Eco-tourists are the tourists who plan vacations to understand the culture and environment of a particular area.


Ecosystem is the interacting synergism of all living organisms in a particular environment; every plant, insect, aquatic animal, bird or land species that forms a complex web of interdependency.

Elasticity of demand

Elasticity of demand is the effect that a change in price has on demand for a product or service.


Elastin - A type of connective tissue in meat which does not dissolve in cooking.

Electronic data processing

Electronic data processing (EDP) is the processing of data by computer when input and output hardware are connected on-line to a computer’s central processing unit (cpu). Earlier Hotels had EDP department but now the same is replaced with the Systeme or IT - Information Technology department.

Electronic funds transfer

Electronic funds transfer is any transfer of funds done by electronic means, such as by telephone, computer,magnetic tape, or automatic teller machine.

Electronic key

Electronic key is a plastic key with electronic codes embedded on a magnetic strip.

Electronic key system

Electronic key system is a system composed of battery-powered or, less frequently, hardwired locks; a host computer and terminals; a keypuncher; and special entry cards that are used as keys.