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Hotel Glossary Terms

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Term Definition

D.N.D is a special request by guest who did not wish to be disturbed.

Daily blocking

Daily blocking is assigning guests to their particular rooms on a daily basis

Daily flash report

Daily flash report is a PMS listing of departmental totals by day, period to date, and year to date, which helps the manager to determine the financial success of the previous day and the current status in achieving other financial goals.

Daily function sheet

Daily function sheet is a listing of the planned events in the hotel

Daily operating cycle

Daily operating cycle is the sales revenue cycle in which restaurant operations depend on meal periods for sales revenue.

Daily Reports

Daily Reports  is a set of reports prepared for Management by the midnight shift daily. These reports on hotel statistics are used by Management in their daily planning, forecasting and marketing D. N. A., Example Manager Report, statistics reports like Market and Source Code, Daily Business Report  etc.

Daily routine

Daily routine are the series of administrative and work-related events that occur between 6:30 a.M. and midnight and form the routine for a housekeeping department in the guestroom portion and public areas of a hotel. 

Daily sales report

Daily sales report is a financial activity report produced by a department in a hotel that reflects daily sales activities with accompanying cash register tapes or point-of-sale audit tapes.

Daily work assignment sheet

Daily work assignment sheet is a form that indicates special work tasks required for a given day and assigned to a specific worker.

Dak Bungalow

A legacy of the British Raj, these were built as rest houses for colonial official across the country as well as in remote areas and scenic locales. All these properties have an ageless charm and an old world style of hospitality as well as special cuisine, which forms a part of the attraction, apart from the low tariff. These are owned by the various state governments and can be accessed through the local district administration

Synonyms - Circuit Houses,Inspection Bungalow,First lodges
Damp mopping

Damp mopping are the use of a damp (not wet) mop for spot cleaning of spills and overall cleaning of light dirt from floors. This technique is not intended to remove heavily embedded dirt or old floor finish.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone - 45° F to 140° F or 7° Celsius to 60° F is the range of temperature in which the bacteria multiply the most rapidly.


Slice, approximately 2 cm thick, cut through a whole round fish, such as cod or salmon.

Data sorts

Data sorts is areport options in a PMS that indicate groupings of information.

Database interfaces

Database interfaces is the sharing of information among computers.