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A guest room adjacent to the pool area, with or without sleeping facilities.


Service of coffee with sugar, milk and cream, all in separate jugs, a croissant or brioche and jam or other preserve.


Cake - Refers to a broad range of pastries, including layer cakes, coffeecakes and gateaux. The cake can also refer to almost anything that is baked, tender, sweet and sometimes frosted.


The squid or inkfish.

Synonyms - Calamaio
Call Accounting System

A system that is part of the telephone equipment that prices telephone calls made by hotel guests and sends the information to the property management system (PMS) for billing.

Synonyms - CAS
Callback list

Callback list -  A list of all employees and applicants who possess special skills and interests or who are interested in filling certain positions.


Calorie - The amount of heat needed to raise one kilogram of water by 10-degree Celsius. Term calorie is also used as a measure of food energy.


Soft French cheese, 12 cm diameter by 2.5 cm high;one of the most popular cheeses.

Camping Grounds

Camping grounds are normally located within cities in open spaces. They provide parking space along with water, electricity, and toilets. Camps must follow certain regulation regarding the quality of services and cost and are set by municipalities.

Synonyms - Camp

Small shape of toast or biscuit covered with egg, fish,meat, etc., neatly decorated and often glazed with aspic.


1) To release or cancel the confirmed or tentative booking. 2) To decide or announce that (a planned event / room booking ) will not take place.

Synonyms - Cancel
Cancellation date

Indicates the date when the reservation was manually cancelled.

Cancellation Hour

A specific time after which a property may release for sale all unclaimed non-guaranteed reservations, according to property policy.

Synonyms - Room Release, 6PM Release
Capital assets

Capital assets are the long-term tangible or intangible assets such as land and buildings.

Capital budgets

Capital budgets: These allocate the use of capital assets that have a life span considerably in excess of one year, these are assets that are not normally used up in day to day operations.