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1) To release or cancel the confirmed or tentative booking. 2) To decide or announce that (a planned event / room booking ) will not take place.

Synonyms - Cancel
Cancellation date

Indicates the date when the reservation was manually cancelled.

Cancellation Hour

A specific time after which a property may release for sale all unclaimed non-guaranteed reservations, according to property policy.

Synonyms - Room Release, 6PM Release
Capital budgets

Capital budgets: These allocate the use of capital assets that have a life span considerably in excess of one year, these are assets that are not normally used up in day to day operations.


Cup of frothy milk coffee made with one part espresso coffee to two parts hot milk.


Caramelization - The process of browning of sugars when exposed to 300 degrees F heat.  It is used extensively in cooking for the resulting sweet nutty flavour and brown colour. 


Caramelize: To heat sugar slowly until it is melted and brown in colour.

Synonyms - Caramelize

Carbohydrates - Any of various neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which combines in the form of sugar, starches and cellulose.


Thin slices of beef cooked in beer with onions; a Belgian dish.


Small chou-pastry bun filled with a savoury filling and glazed with chaudfroid, as part of a hors-d’oeuvre selection.

Cart Service

Cart Service - Preparing and serving items beside the guests tables using a cart. 


A hotel that features legal gambling, with the hotel operation subordinate to the gambling operation.

Synonyms - Casino Hotel

Saucepan or cooking vessel made of metal or earthenware.


Casserole - A heavy dish suitable for food to be baked in and food baked in a casserole dish.


Small china dish.