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Continental Breakfast

A small morning meal that usually includes a beverage, rolls, butter, and jam or marmalade. The traditional Continental BF consisted simply of hot croissant, brioche or toast, butter and preserves and coffee as the beverage. The current trend in the continental BF menu is towards offering a wider variety of choices.

Continental Plan

One of the most common/preferred billing arrangement which includes room and continental breakfast.

Synonyms - CP, Bed and Breakfast
Convenience Food

Convenience Food - Any food which has been partially or fully prepared by the manufacturer or producer.


Course - A food or group of foods server at one time or intended to be eaten together.


Cover - Cover is the space on the table allotted for table-wares to the guest to consume his/her meal. The standard size of the cover is 24'' X 18''.

Cream until light

Cream until light: To mix and whip all ingredients until smooth and with enough air incorporated to make a light mixture.

Credit Limit

A limit assigned by the hotel to guest, company or travel agent accounts.

Synonyms - House Limit, Floor Limit

Crimp: To seal together by making a decorative edge.


A casino employee who collects and pays bets and conducts game sat gaming tables. Also called a dealer.

Synonyms - Dealer
Cruise Ships

Passenger ships designed for vacationers. Today's cruise ships feature a variety of activities and entertainment and can be thought of as floating resort hotels.

Synonyms - Ocean Liner, Passenger Ships

Curdling (Break) - When liquid such as milk. or a mixture such as a sauce loses its ability to hold particles or oils it contains in suspension. This is normally caused by exposure to a rapid temperature change or excess heat. The term break is also known as 'Curdling / Curdle'.

Synonyms - Curdle, Break
Cut in Shortening

Cut in Shortening: Mixing shortening with dry ingredients using a pastry blender or the tips of your fingers.


The dates agreed upon between a group and a hotel after which all unreserved rooms in the group's block will be released back to the general availability.

Synonyms - Cut-off Date
Cyclical Menu

Cyclical Menu - Menu that changes daily for a certain number of days eg: from Monday to Friday, and then repeats again.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone - 45° F to 140° F or 7° Celsius to 60° F is the range of temperature in which the bacteria multiply the most rapidly. is build to help hoteliers setup their operations. Get sample Stationery, Formats, SOP's, Staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more.
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