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Bouquet Garni

Bouquet Garni - Fresh herbs of various types, tied together and used as a flavouring agent. Used for flavouring stocks, sauces, soups and stews


Bouquetiere (boo-kuh-ty-ehr) - The French term meaning to serve with a bouquet of vegetables.

Boutique hotels

These are very small and expensive hotels and mainly cater to the elite class. They are different from the hotels in that each room has a distinct personality. Though the hotel is small still it has more number of restaurants. Each restaurant is decorated keeping in view a theme and food served, the uniform of the staff, the menu, even the way of welcoming the guest
commemorates with the theme.


Braised - Browned in a small amount of fat.


Braising - A combination cooking method in which foods are first browned in hot fat, then covered and slowly cooked in a small amount of liquid over low heat. Also, Braising is also referred to cooking method 1) The food item is browned and then cooked covered in a small amount of liquid. 2) The cooking of unbrowned vegetables slowly in a small amount of liquid.


Bran - Is the tough outer layer of a cereal grain and the part highest in fibre.


Puree of cooked salt cod, usually served as Lenten dish.


Breaded / Breading - Coating a food item with bread or crumbs. Such food items are then usually fried, baked or broiled.

Synonyms - Breading

Large flat round soft cheese from France, one of the most popular cheeses.


Brigade - A system of staffing a kitchen so that each worker is assigned a set of specific tasks, such tasks are often related by cooking method, equipment or the types of foods being produced.


Light yeast cake made in a large or small mould, the small ones being served as part of a continental breakfast.


Brioche (bree-ohsh) - Is a rich yeast bread containing large amounts of eggs and butter.


Broil / Broiling - The cooking of a food item with radiant heat.

Synonyms - Broiling

Broth -  Is a flavourful liquid obtained from the long simmering of meats and/ or vegetables.

Brown Stew

Brown Stew - A kind of stew in which the meat is first browned in hot fat.