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A la

A French phrase used in menu writing to indicate the style of preparation - eg; Chicken Ala King etc.

Synonyms - Ala
A la Carte

Items prepared to order as per the guest choice from the menu.


Accommodation Charges or Revenues related to Room.

Access Aisle

An aisle that is a necessary part of an accessible parking space.The aisle allows disabled individuals with a device, such as a wheelchair, to enter and exit vehicles and travel to the sidewalk or building entrance.


Before there was the word ‘hotel’ there was the word accommodation or places for travellers, which has a more extensive meaning than the word ‘hotel’. However, the hotel is the accommodation for travellers who wish to have lodging through payment to the proprietor.


Acetate is a low-cost silky fiber. It is colorfast and resistant to mildew, but it is relatively easy to soil and is vulnerable to abrasion.


Acidic / Acid - foods such as citrus juice, vinegar and wine that have a sour or sharp flavour (most foods are slightly acidic); acids have a pH of less than 7.


Acrylic are the synthetic material used in making fabric or molded transparent fixtures or surfaces.


Acrylic are the synthetic material used in making fabric or molded transparent fixtures or surfaces.

Acute hazard

Acute hazard are something that could cause immediate harm. For example, a chemical that could cause burns on contact with the skin is an acute hazard.

Adjoining Rooms

Guest rooms located side by side without a connecting door between them.


The Formula for Room Achievement Factor AF:
Room Achievement Factor = Actual Average Rate / Potential Average Rate

Synonyms - Achievement Factor
Affiliated Hotel

A hotel that is a member of a chain, franchise, or referral system. Membership provides special advantages, particularly a national reservation system.

Synonyms - Affiliate Hotel,Franchise

Ageing in Kitchen - The process of allowing the natural tenderisation of meats over time in a controlled environment.

Ageing in AR - The number of days the city ledger bill / AR bill is outstanding.

Synonyms - Aging

The formula for calculating Average Rate Per Guest (AGR):

Average Rate Per Guest= Total Room Revenue / Total Number of guests
Average Rate Per Guest W/O Child = Total Room Revenue / Total Number of Adults

Online Calculator for Average Rate Per Guest