Reservation Confirmation Letter samples for hotel bookings

Reservation confirmation is an acknowledgement given by the hotel to the guest for their room request and also the personal details given at the time of booking.

A written confirmation states the intent of both parties and confirms important points of agreement like name, arrival departure date, number of guest staying, room rate, type of room booked, number of rooms, pick up details, details of deposit made, package details etc. A confirmed reservation may be either guaranteed or non-guaranteed.

Details on the confirmation letter are retrieved from the reservation record and manually updated or entered automatically with the help of PMS used by the hotel on to a specially designed reservation confirmation form.

Confirmation letter may also include the cancellation and no-show polices of the hotel. And also about the retention charges, hotel standard check-in and check-out time, early morning / early arrival charges and also about late departure charges.

There are many different types of formats used by hotels for confirmation letters; below you can see and download few samples for the same.

Download Sample Reservation Confirmation Formats:

Reservation Confirmation Sample 1

Reservation Confirmation Sample 2

Reservation Confirmation Sample 3

Reservation Confirmation Sample 4

Reservation Confirmation Sample 5

Reservation Confirmation Sample 6

Reservation Confirmation Sample 7

Reservation Confirmation Sample 8 - NEW !

Reservation Confirmation Sample HTML format - NEW !

Sample Hotel Reservation Confirmation Letter

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