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SOP – Guest Registration and Check in process

SOP Number: FO - 05 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front OfficeGuest Check In


Time to Train: 60 Minutes


After a guest arrives at the hotel, the front desk agent should complete the guest registration process. This is to make sure that the guest registration is completed as per the hotel standard and also to collect important guest information’s.

Guest is also asked to sign on the printed registration card as a statutory requirement and also to verify that the details provided on the registration card is accurate.

When Guest arrives at the reception to check in:

  • Great the guest.

  • Enquire the Last name / First name of the guest.

  • Search for the reservation record and print registration card ( if the same is not pre printed )

Present the Registration Card to guest for verifying / reconfirming preprinted details Like :

  • First Name, Last Name.

  • Arrival Date. Time.

  • Departure Date, Expected time of departure.

  • Room Rate.

  • Room Number.

  • Room Type.

  • Method of payment.

  • Billing instructions.

  • Meal Plan

  • Request for ID Proof for local guest and Passport and Visa details for foreigners.

Following details to be completed:

  • Salutation.

  • Designation.

  • Company Name.

  • Address Home / Business

  • City, Country

  • Postal Code

  • Telephone / Fax / Mobile numbers.

  • Email address.

  • Contact Number / Person in case of emergency.

  • Purpose of Visit.

Passport details:

  • Passport Number.

  • Nationality and country of residence.

  • Date of Birth / Anniversary Date.

  • Passport Issue date and Expiry Date

  • Place of Issue of Passport.

Visa Details:

  • Visa Number

  • Visa issue date and Expiry date.

  • Visa Place of issue.

  • Type of Visa.

  • Proposed duration of Stay in the country.

  • Arrived from.

  • Proceeding to.

  • Explain to the guest regarding late checkout policy if any.

  • Request the guest to sign on the Registration Card.

  • Scan / Photocopy of Passport and Visa copy and attach to the registration card.

  • Front office assistant to also cross sign the registration card on the provided field.

  • Update the guest details collected on regard to the Profile of the guest.

  • File Registration card.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is required to complete guest registration process upon guest check in?      

Q2. What all details to be collected on registration card?               

Q3. What all details to be collected from the passport?

Q4. Should the front desk agent sign on the regard?

Q5. What all details to be updated back on the guest profile?

Q6. What all details to be reconfirmed on registration card?

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