SOP – Front Office – FO Assistant / Executive – Taking over a shift

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Front Office Assistant / Executive – Taking over a shift

Objective: Effective front-office communication involves the use of log books, information directories, emails, and telephone procedures. A proper handover of shifts is required to ensure the smooth running of the front office shifts.

  • Report to the workplace at the correct time.
  •  Ensure you are dressed and groomed to the hotel.
  •  Check notice boards in the back office.
  •  Check the hotel position overview for a week.
  •  Attend briefing and take Handover from the previous shift.
  •  Make sure to give handover and take handover.
  •  All Front office staff have to read and sign the logbook.

Read the log book :

  • Look for unusual events or incidents.
  • Guest Complaints.
  • Guest pending requests.
  • Other relevant information.
  • Situations that require follow-up.
  • VIP- arriving / In-house
  • Group arriving / In-house
  • Pending room moves.
  • Pending departures ( Late check-outs if any )
  • Credit issues are to be reported to the Duty Manager / Front office manager.
  • Pending Mail and Couriers to be delivered to the guest.

Print important report:

  • Pending Traces.
  • Arrivals with special requests.
  • Pending departures.
  • Room discrepancy report.
  • Shift back up / Batch / Emergency report and file the same.
  • Payment masters ( PM ), Group Master ( GM ) rooms balance.
  • Balances of guest accounts showing opening guest balance and closing guest balance.

Prepare necessary Front office documents:

  • Guest request tracker sheet.
  • Wake-up call and DND sheet.
  • Reservation request forms.
  • Checklist for reception.
  • Guest feedback forms.
  •  Ensure Adequate stock of front office supplies is available for the day’s / shift’s operation.
  • Replenishing and making store requests is required.
  • Room tariff cards/slips.
  • Hotel brochures.
  • Staplers and staple pins.
  • Billing paper loaded in the printer and photocopiers.
  • Envelopes for guest bills.
  • Registration cards are printed for expected arrivals.
  • Loyalty program enrolment forms.
  • Message slip and envelopes.
  •  Refund, Paid out, Cash, Petty Cash slips/receipt books.
  • Rubber bands.               
  • Paper clips.
  • Magnetic Key / RF Key cards.
  • Key Card holders.
  • Pens.
  • Printer Ink Cartridges.
  • Scribbling pads.
  • Mini Bar Pricing list.
  • Other Front Desk Stationeries.
  • Make sure that the reception desk is not cluttered.
  • Ensure that you are aware of events or functions taking place in the hotel.
  • Take proper cash handover.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the examples of unusual events or incidents?        

Q2. Why it is required to report to duty at the correct time?     

Q3. What should be done if the Printer is not working at the front desk?

Q4. Examples of stationery used at the front desk?

Q5. What is the importance of a log book in front desk operations? 

Q6. Why it is important to print the shift backup report/emergency report before starting the shift?
SOP Number: Front Office SOP -04 
Department: Front Office – General
Time to Train: 60 Minutes
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