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SOP –Bill preparation and settlement in banquets

SOP Number: F&B - 27 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet


Time to Train: 40 Min

  • After the function, the bill is made up according to the information on the Banquet Event Order.

  • If any changes or extra orders were requested by the guest, they will be added to the total amount (as extra charges).

  • The banquet bill will be prepared on the F & B POS (point of sale) terminal system and closed.

  • In case the Point of sale machine is not allocated for the banquet department then this activity has to be done from other outlets.

  • If the Banquet Event Order states that the guest will pay after the function, Then the Banquet Manager shall accompany the guest to settle the bill.

Guest might settle the banquet bill by any of the below accepted method of payment as per the hotels policy:

  • Cash.

  • Credit Card.

  • Personal / Company cheque.

  • Coupons / Vouchers.

  • In- House Settlements.

Note: View all types of Guest Billing and checks settlement.

  • A copy of the F&B POS terminal system bill will be attached for the guest’s reference.

  • If the Banquet Event order states that the bill will be sent to the guest, it shall transfer the banquet bill to the city ledger account or the appropriate PM (Payment Master) folio on the Front office software.

  • If the bill is suppose to be send to the company or paid by the guest later ( biil or hold) then the banquet manager should get the signature of the guest on copies of the bill.

  • At the end of the day, the Assistant Banquet Manager / Banquet Manager will make a report of all closed checks and will attach the relevant bills (2 copies if paid, 3 copies if transferred to the city ledger account).

  • Drop the banquet bills folder at the front desk cashier / Night auditor. Because all hard copy should be submitted to the accounts department.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. On basis of what the Banquet bill is prepared?    

Q2. What to be process if the Banquet event order says that the bill will be paid by the guest after the function?  

Q3. What is a City ledger or Bill to company settlement?

Q4. Why it is required to get the guest signature on all bill copies if the settlement mode is Bill to company / City Ledger?

Q5. Why all the banquet bills are dropped at front desk cashier after closing the days shift?

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