SOP – F&B General – Guest Billing Types and Checks Settlement

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Procedure For Guest Billing and Checks Settlement in Restaurants

Print the bill / check for presenting to the guest:

  • Print the guest check from the POS machine on a ‘Slip Printer’ / ‘Roll Printer’.
  •  Place the check in the bill folder.
  •  Place a pen along with the bill.
  •  Present the bill to the guest/host.

Settlement of by Cash:

  • Cash settlements may vary among restaurant/hotel policies.
  •  If the guest wants to settle by foreign currency then request the guest to exchange the currency with the front desk cashier. ( Depending upon the hotel and local government policy)
  •  Present change in the folder.
  •  Do not claim the tip until the guest leaves.
  •  If the guest leaves while you are settling the bill then, the change is your tip.

Settlement by Credit Card:

  • Swipe the Card on the EDC machine.
  •  Enter the amount on the EDC machine.
  •  Verify the amount entered with the amount on the bill. Confirm the settlement.
  •  Take a printout and get the signature on the merchant copy from the guest along with the check copy.
  •  Return the credit card along with the guest’s copy of the credit card slip/voucher.
  •  If the guest adds a tip on the Credit card slip then adjust the same on the EDC machine and take a new printout.
  •  If the credit card is declined/expired then politely ask the guest for another card or form of payment. If necessary ask the guest to step away from their group so that they will not be embarrassed.

Settlement to In-House rooms:

  • Request the guest to write their name and room number on the printed check and sign them.
  •  Do a room inquiry on the POS machine with the details mentioned on the bill by the guest.
  •  Try searching by room number first if not found then try again by searching by the last name of the guest.
  •  If the details match with those given on the bill then settle the bill on to that room.
  •  If the details don’t match, Ask the guest to present the room key as identification.
  •  If the POS inquiry fails with the given details, Then crosscheck with the front desk team with the guest details. And check if the guest is entitled to a credit on the restaurant.
  •  Nowadays on the PMS, there are features to block all POS settlements, This will restrict any POS settlements from restaurants to the guest room account, So these guests have to pay their bills directly at the restaurants by other payment methods.

Settlement to Company or City Ledger:

  • Ask the guest to write down the Company name on the bill, Some companies have credit with the hotel. These are called city Ledgers.
  •  If the guest is aware of the unique City Ledger number then ask for the same.
  •  Ask the guest to sign on all the checks.
  •  Give the receipt showing the charges.
  •  Make the settlement to City Ledger and close the Table on POS.

Settlement against Coupons, vouchers, and Gift certificates:

  • Read the coupon carefully to determine if it is a valid or expired one.
  •  Find out what all charges are covered.
  •  Don’t give any cash as a change for gift certificates and coupons.
  •  If the coupon amount doesn’t cover the total food bill then collect the balance amount by another method of payment.
  •  Keep the coupon safely in the cash box/folder. Treat them as cash. 

Thank Guest and Give a Fond Farewell:

  • Thank the guest when you return the change and receipt.
  •  Invite guests to return to the restaurant/hotel again.
  •  If the guest leaves without settling the bills then inform the Security Manager and Outlet manager about the same.
Hotel Resturant Guest Bill Settlement types

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to present the bill to the guest?    

Q2. Procedure for Bill settlement by Cash?        

Q3. Why it is important to ask the guest to write the name and room number on the bill while doing a room / In-house settlement?

Q4. What is the procedure for the bill to City Ledger?

Q5. How to handle settlement by Voucher?
SOP Number:  Food and Beverage Service SOP  -17 
Department: Food and Beverage Service – General
Time to Train: 60 Minutes
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