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SOP – Restaurant Employee Reporting to duty

SOP Number: F&B -02 

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General

Date Issued: 25-FEB-2013

Time to Train: 60 Minutes

The F&B department will put up a weekly duty roster indicating the day and date, shifts and employees scheduled for each shift. Every associate is required to punch in and punch out at the staff entrance.

Every department head shall maintain department’s own sign-in/sign-out   attendance register with the time, date, employee name and signatures.

On the basis of this register a muster roll is prepared and submitted to the HR department on the 28th of every month.

Time in procedure:

  • Report to work at least 20 minutes before duty starts.

  • Clock in at the time-keeping office

  • Staff entrance : use the assigned staff elevator/stairs to reach the staff quarters

  • Pick up a clean uniform from the Laundry Department if required

  • Staff members shall take a shower in the locker room when required before starting her/his duty

  • Uniforms must be worn properly and taken care of.

  • Leave the locker room feeling fresh, smart and confident.

  • Proceed to work area using the back-of-house corridors and service elevators wherever possible

  • Reach the work area at least 5 minutes before duty time. Sign in on the attendance time sheet kept at the department.

Time out procedure:

  • Hand over to the next shift by giving details regarding services, important events, etc.

  • Inform the supervisor that you are about to leave. Wait for the next shift

  • Sign out on the attendance time sheet in the department.

  • Proceed to the locker room by the back-of-house corridors/service elevators

  • Return your uniform and exchange it for a clean one before leaving the hotel.

  • Leave the hotel premises immediately.

  • Clock out at the time-keeper office.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. At least how many minutes before you should report to duty? 

Q2. Name three important time out procedures?                

Q3. On which date the muster roll to be submitted to the HR department?

Q4. Where should we clock in and out?

Q5. From which area you should proceed to the locker room ?

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