SOP – F&B General – Guidelines / Tips For Conducting Departmental Meetings

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Guidelines for conducting F&B service meetings

The Food and Beverage service department should conduct regular pre-shift meetings with all key staff members and also monthly meetings with the F&B Director and HOD’s of each outlet.

Daily Pre-Shift Meetings:

  • Pre-shift meetings are ideal times for managers to emphasize teamwork and develop common goals with staff members.
  •  Pre-shift meetings should also allow staff members to ask questions and have them answered.
  •  A minimum of one briefing daily is to be conducted for staff in each outlet.
  • The time of briefing be decided based on business levels, max. staff availability etc. and last 15 to 20 minutes.
  •  Managers should listen closely to the concerns and ideas of staff members expressed during pre-shift meetings
  •  The staff member is to be well prepared with a working pen and an adequate notepad.
  •  The meeting comprises a review of the previous day, that day’s upcoming activities, and the next day’s main topics.
  •  Events in the local community could make the upcoming shift busier than usual.
  •  Special arrangements for guests celebrating birthday parties, anniversaries, and other occasions.
  •  Merchandising and up-selling techniques.
  •  Daily food and beverage specials.
  •  Introduction of new staff members.
  •  Recognition of staff member activities.
  •  Tips for handling equipment and supplies.
  •  Reading out important guest feedback that guests have turned in.
  •  No minutes are to be taken.

Monthly Meetings:

  • The Food and beverage managers meeting will be held every month on a day and time that are highly appropriate, according to the hotel’s F&B operation activity, structure, and business level.
  •  All F & B Department Heads must attend the Food & Beverage meeting.
  •  The meeting covers all F & B-related activities such as operations, personnel, finance, sales, and promotions. All problems shall be tackled and both the Department Heads and the Management Team shall come up with solutions.
  •  The financial performance of each outlet is reviewed and recommendations are given to meet the monthly targeted budget.
  •  Reports for ancillary income brought in by special functions and business.
  •  Planned special events and promotions.
  •  Special arrangements for upcoming holidays.
  •  Strategies for or changes to food and beverage service.
  •  Specific objectives and/or tasks are given to each Department Head.
  •  This meeting shall not exceed 90 minutes.
  •  Minutes will be taken.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. The time of the pre-shift briefing is based on all factors?  

Q2. Does the event in the local community affect the restaurant sales?     

Q3. Why it is important to read guest comments/feedback on pre-shift meetings?

Q4. Should monthly meetings discuss each outlet’s financial performance?

Q5. What is the appropriate date and time to arrange a monthly F&B meeting?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP -03
Department: Food and Beverage Service – General
Date Issued: 28-FEB-2013
Time to Train: 30 Min
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