Reservation Supervisor Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Reservation Supervisor Position

The Hotel Reservation Supervisor is responsible for managing the reservations department and ensuring that all guests are provided with exceptional customer service. They oversee the reservation process, from booking to check-in and check-out, and handle any issues that may arise during a guest’s stay.

In addition, the Hotel Reservation Supervisor is responsible for training and managing the reservation team, ensuring that they have all the necessary tools and resources to perform their job duties effectively. They also work closely with other departments, such as housekeeping and maintenance, to ensure that guest needs are met and that the hotel is operating smoothly.

Excellent communication and problem-solving skills are a must for this role, as the Hotel Reservation Supervisor will be interacting with guests, staff, and management on a regular basis. They must also be detail-oriented and able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

Overall, the Hotel Reservation Supervisor plays a critical role in ensuring that guests have an enjoyable and comfortable stay at the hotel.

They primarily supervises the reservation functions for the hotel ensuring all reservations are processed in a pleasant, professional, and efficient manner. Manages and coordinates activities of reservation team members providing reservations and customer service skills. 

Achieving customer satisfaction and room revenue goals while taking guests through the booking process. Assist the reservation manager or front office manager with budgeting, forecasting, and hiring, retaining, and developing reservations and customer service employees.


  • Act as a main resource for reservation agents needing assistance or about achieving customer satisfaction.
  •  Ensure the reservation department and Front Office staff are constantly aware of availability states open, on request, closed dates, high demand dates, etc.
  •  Respond to all guest reservation requests and execute prompt, courteous, and accurate guest service at all times.
  •  Fully knowledgeable about hotel guest rooms, rates, promotions, amenities, programs, hotel facilities, and services.
  •  Answer guest inquiries about hotel services, registration of guests, shopping, dining, entertainment travel directions, etc.
  •  Manage systems that are set up within the reservations department to ensure accurate handling and monitoring of phone calls.
  •  Assists and prepares in groups pre-arrival process and also prepares group rooming lists.
  •  Maintains a clean and organized work area. 
  •  Attends all scheduled meetings as required with HOD’s or Sales team.
  •  Create and manage rates and packages configured on the Hotel software.
  •  Track all reservations picked up from all Online channels like hotel websites, OTA, GDS, another third party, etc. 
  •  If there are failed reservations update the Hotel software and then process those reservations manually.
  •  Coordinate with the Channel manager, or software vendors for any availability, rate, or booking integration issues.
  •  Handle external systems like channel Managers, Web booking engines, Rate comparison tools, Online Travel Agents extranets, etc.
  •  Update No-shows and cancellations on all OTAs without fail to avoid any unwanted commissions.
  •  Responsible for maintaining Rate parity across all booking Channels (Website, OTA, GDS, Travel Agents Etc.)
  •  Adjust rates according to suggestions from Yield or Revenue management systems.
  •  Verify all reservations taken on the reservation forms are updated on the PMS without fail.
  •  Understand and enforce hotel and company credit policies and Ensure proper billing instructions, routing instructions, and payment methods are applied to the reservations.
  •  Verify if each reservation request is processed as per the hotel standards and without delay.
  •  Verify if reservation confirmation letters are sent for all processed bookings within the stipulated time.
  •  Process retentions, no-shows, and cancellations as per the hotel policy and procedures.
  •  Handles any request for amenities or transportation promptly and accurately. Details are shared with the concerned department or third party accurately.
  •  Monitor all Tentative / Provisional / Waitlisted bookings entered on the system and follow up done for deposits/guarantees.
  •  Records and files all reservation correspondence neatly and accurately on prescribed forms or folders.
  •  Keep records of room availability, rates, amendments, daily reservation pickup, rooms on the book, cancellations, no-shows, etc.
  •  Handles the reservation correspondence accurately and neatly and follows up for any missing correspondence before guest arrival.
  •  All reservation modifications are updated on the property management system immediately and accurately in case of any changes.
  •  Maintain department-approved quality assurance program to include, but not limited to, rates, deposits property descriptions, activity tables, and reservation letters.
  •  Manage reservation function to maintain the highest possible room occupancy and average daily rate through suggestive selling and recommendations from external yield or revenue management systems Eg. Ideas.
  •  Ensure acceptable service levels and all statistical reports are sought and maintained.
  •  Tracks daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics for analytical, budgeting, and forecasting purposes.
  •  Check forecasting reports based on statistics codes ( Market, Source, Rate Code, etc.), reservations that are wrongly tagged should be amended.
  •  Receive contracts detailing room allotments and create allotments on the hotel management system.
  •  Train newly recruited reservation staff in taking reservations, telephone etiquettes, reservation modules on hotel software, and processing emails.
  •  Ensure that Guest service agents at the front desk are also trained on reservations and checking hotel availability.
  •  Ensure deposit payment is taken in advance for all pay-at-hotel reservations eg: Direct reservations, OTA’s (, Orbitz, Expedia, etc.)
  •  Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules, assign duties, and expedite workflow for reservation agents.
  •  Manage all aspects of the reservation department in the absence of a reservation manager.

POSITION TITLE: Reservation Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Front Desk Manager / Reservation Manager 


Excellent communication skills and extremely organized. Service Orientation ie actively looking for ways to help people. Ability to work with multiple systems and applications like spreadsheets, databases, word processing, property management software, Booking engine, OTA Extranets, Yield management systems, and computers.


3-year diploma or 4-year Degree in Travel Industry or closely related discipline and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Previous experience in reservations, one to two years experience in front desk operations. The successful candidate is likely to have a passion for customer service, excellent communication skills, and good levels of written and spoken English.

Interview Questions for Hotel Reservation Supervisor Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Reservation Supervisor position, it’s important to assess their experience in hotel reservations, customer service skills, and ability to manage a team. Here are some interview questions and salary details:

  1. Can you discuss your background and experience in hotel reservations, including any supervisory or leadership roles you’ve held in the past?
    • Look for candidates with a solid foundation in hotel reservations and relevant leadership experience.
  2. How do you ensure accuracy and efficiency in the reservation process, including handling bookings, cancellations, and modifications?
    • Assess the candidate’s attention to detail and commitment to providing accurate and timely reservation services.
  3. What strategies do you use to maximize room occupancy and revenue through effective reservation management?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s understanding of revenue management principles and their ability to optimize room availability.
  4. How do you handle customer inquiries or concerns related to reservations, and what steps do you take to ensure customer satisfaction?
    • Look for candidates who have strong customer service and communication skills, especially in resolving issues with guests.
  5. Can you provide examples of how you’ve trained or mentored reservation staff to ensure they meet service standards and effectively handle customer interactions?
    • Assess the candidate’s leadership and training skills, as well as their commitment to staff development.
  6. What measures do you take to stay informed about industry trends and changes in reservation technologies or systems?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on advancements in reservation processes.
  7. How do you collaborate with other hotel departments, such as front office and sales, to ensure seamless operations and communication?
    • Assess the candidate’s ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with different departments.

Salary Details Hotel Reservation Supervisor Position:

The salary for a Reservation Supervisor can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the size or reputation of the hotel. As of January 2024, the salary range for this position in the United States was approximately $45,000 to $65,000 per year. However, salary figures may have changed, so it’s recommended to consult recent industry salary surveys or HR professionals for the most up-to-date information in your specific region or industry. Keep in mind that salaries may also vary depending on the specific responsibilities and requirements of the position.

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