Lobby Ambassador Duties and Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Lobby Ambassador

As a Hotel Lobby Ambassador, your primary responsibility is to provide exceptional customer service to guests as they enter and exit the hotel. You will be the first point of contact for guests and must always be polite, friendly, and welcoming.

Your duties will include greeting guests, assisting with luggage, providing directions and recommendations for local attractions, and answering any questions guests may have about the hotel or surrounding area. You will also handle guest complaints and ensure that any issues are resolved promptly and to the guest’s satisfaction.

Additionally, you will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the lobby area, including the front desk, seating areas, and restrooms. You may also be required to assist with administrative tasks such as checking guests in and out, processing payments, and managing reservations.

To be successful in this role, you must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be able to work well under pressure, and have a strong attention to detail. You should also be able to work flexible hours, as this position may require working evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Overall, the Hotel Lobby Ambassador plays a crucial role in ensuring that guests have a positive experience from the moment they enter the hotel. If you are passionate about providing exceptional customer service and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, this may be the perfect job for you.

Additionally, responsible for providing security services at assigned locations. Duties include, but are not limited to; foot patrol of interior and exterior areas of assigned locations. Have the ability to report suspicious activities and persons, write detailed narrative reports, maintain daily activity reports (DARs), enforce rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, and respond to emergencies requiring security assistance.

Additionally, They should engage hotel guests to enhance the service experience through activation of all outlet services within the lobby area (e.g., Restaurant & Bar, Front Desk, Business Center, Lounge, etc.). In different hotels or properties, a Lobby Ambassador may be a different kind of position. Either a Security Oriented Role or Guest Service Oriented Role or Both. 

Lobby Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Security-Oriented Responsibility of Lobby Ambassadors

  • Access control through an admittance process, all visitors are greeted courteously, ensure Security Clearance
  •  Assists visitors with a legitimate need to gain entry to the facility
  •  Screen visitors and client employees in an efficient manner to expedite their admittance to the site or facility. Ensure the input of visitor details using the electronic booking system.
  •  Check for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations, blocked ingress and egress mechanical problems, and unauthorized persons
  •  Inspects buildings and ground using appropriate equipment
  •  Operate and monitor close-circuit television systems
  •  Answer questions or give directions to happenings or locations within the resort, explain resort facilities, and assist with information about the local area.
  •  Provide prompt, efficient, and polite responses to both visitors and internal customers either face to face, via the telephone or e-mail communication
  •  Interact professionally with construction trades and inquiries from potential external customers and vendors while maintaining a safe environment.
  •  Assist with admin and FM duties as directed by the Facilities Manager
  •  Work closely and communicate with the Director of Residence, Residence Manager, and Director of Security on all happenings and people in the lobby areas during your shift.
  •  Ensure that the Reception image is kept up to standard and in line with the Cisco Standards document.
  •  Carry out any Adhoc duties as directed by the FM
  •  Issue the incoming post and distribute. Frank outgoing mail and record post details. Ensure the franking machine is in credit and liaise with the supplier.
  •  Communicate FM issues to the building users, via e-mail
  •  Customer Service Skills Ability to organize and prioritize own workload to ensure the high-level image is maintained in the reception area.
  • Guest Service Oriented Responsibilities of Lobby AmbassadorRespond to guest requests for special arrangements or services (e.g., transportation, reservations, dry cleaning) by making arrangements or identifying appropriate providers.
  •  Respond to special requests from guests with unique needs and follow up to ensure satisfaction.
  •  Gather, summarize, and provide local area knowledge to inform guests about the property and the surrounding area amenities, including special events and local activities.
  •  Contact the appropriate individual or department (e.g., Bellperson, Housekeeping, Food and beverage Server) as necessary to resolve guest calls, requests, or problems.
  •  Report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to the manager; and complete safety training and certifications.
  •  Follow all company policies and procedures, ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional, maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information, and protect company assets.
  •  Welcome and acknowledge all guests according to company standards, anticipate and address guests’ service needs, assist individuals with disabilities, and thank guests with genuine appreciation.
  •  Speak with others using clear and professional language, prepare and review written documents accurately and completely, and answer telephones using appropriate etiquette.
  •  Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others, support the team to reach common goals, and listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees.
  •  Comply with quality assurance expectations and standards.
  •  Perform other reasonable job duties as requested. 


  • Good health, Neat and pleasant appearance
  •  Previous customer-related experience is required.
  •  Positive attitude and good communication skills.
  •  Commitment to delivering a high level of customer service.
  •  Excellent grooming standards.
  •  Flexibility to respond to a variety of different work situations.
  •  Ability to work on your own and as part of a team.
  •  Knowledge of the local area.

Position Title: Lobby Ambassador

Reports To: Front Office Manager


Bachelor or Diploma in Hotel Management or related tourism course.


1 year of experience in similar positions and customer service is preferred with a positive attitude and communication skills.

Interview Questions For Lobby Ambassador Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Lobby Ambassador position, it’s important to assess their interpersonal skills, customer service abilities, and ability to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the lobby. Here are some interview questions and salary details:

  1. Can you discuss your previous experience in a customer service or hospitality role, particularly in a position that involves guest interactions in a lobby or public space?
    • Look for candidates with a strong background in customer service, especially in a hotel or hospitality setting.
  2. How do you create a welcoming and positive atmosphere in the lobby, and what strategies do you use to make guests feel comfortable and valued?
    • Assess the candidate’s interpersonal skills and their ability to create a positive guest experience.
  3. How do you handle guest inquiries or requests at the lobby, and what steps do you take to ensure prompt and courteous responses?
    • Look for candidates who have strong communication and problem-solving skills, especially in addressing guest needs.
  4. Can you share examples of how you’ve gone above and beyond to exceed guest expectations or resolve guest concerns in a lobby or public space?
    • Assess the candidate’s commitment to exceptional customer service and their ability to handle challenging situations.
  5. What measures do you take to stay informed about hotel services, local attractions, and events to provide valuable information to guests?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and commitment to staying updated on relevant information for guests.
  6. How do you coordinate with other hotel departments to ensure seamless operations and communication regarding guest needs and preferences?
    • Assess the candidate’s ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with various departments.
  7. How do you handle situations where there is an increased volume of guests in the lobby, such as during check-in or check-out times?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s adaptability and ability to manage busy periods efficiently.

Salary Details For Lobby Ambassador Position:

The salary for a Lobby Ambassador can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the size or reputation of the hotel. As of January 2024, the salary range for this position in the United States was approximately $35,000 to $50,000 per year. However, salary figures may have changed, so it’s recommended to consult recent industry salary surveys or HR professionals for the most up-to-date information in your specific region or industry. Keep in mind that salaries may also vary depending on the specific responsibilities and requirements of the position.

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