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Pre-arrival and Check-in Procedure For VIP Guest

Purpose of the VIP Pre-arrival and Check-in SOP:

Head of State, ministers, important government officials or top executives of major companies and all guests taking suite rooms and Club Floor are considered VIPs. The VIP rooms shall be ready at least 2 hours before the guest’s arrival, whenever the time of arrival is communicated, All VIPs are to be met at the lobby by GRO/GRM/AM/FOM (if necessary GM/RM) and to be escorted up to the room immediately.

Stage 1: VIP Pre-arrival preparation checklist

  1. If the expected arrival time is unknown, the room(s) concerned shall be ready by 12 p.m. (noon).
  2.  Coordinate with the Executive Housekeeper or Assistant.
  3.  Double-check whether the Housekeeping Department is informed and that the appropriate complimentary orders slip has been correctly issued.
  4.  Collect the Guest Registration Card from the Front Office Reception.
  5.  Retrieve the necessary keys relative to the pre-blocked rooms concerned.
  6.  Prepare the corresponding Welcome Card and the related letter one day prior to the VIP’s arrival date with the full name correctly written.
  7.  Ensure that all necessary amenities are available and correctly placed in the rooms.
  8.  Check the following information on the Guest Registration Card: 1. The complete name, 2. The room number, and 3. The departure date.
  9.  Send the appropriate complimentary order slip to the Room Service Department together with the Welcome Card(s) and letter(s).
  10.  Double-check with the Reservation Form in order to ensure that no special requests have been omitted.
  11.  Shall the pre-blocked room have the “Vacant Dirty” status, the Registration Card shall already be placed in the room.
  12.  If the flight details are available, confirm with the airline company agency the flight arrival time.
  13.  Once the exact arrival time at the hotel has been confirmed, be in the Lobby Area 10 to 15 minutes before with the room key/card ready.
  14.  Inform the Management Team about the VIP’s arrival.

Stage 2: VIP greeting and check-in

  1. All VIPs must be given extra attention to details:
  2.  VIPs must be met upon arrival at the main entrance by the GROs/Assistant Manager and should be taken straight to the room for registration.
  3.  The room or suites must be pre-assigned or blocked before the guest’s arrival.
  4.  All special arrangements (i.e. flowers, fruits etc.) must be in order (placed in the room) before guest check-in.
  5.  With the availability of the expected time or arrival, the GROs/Assistant Manager should be taken straight to the room for registration.
  6.  Greet and welcome the guest with the appropriate sentence: “Good morning/afternoon/evening, Ms./Mrs./Mr. James”.
  7.  Try to get a first impression of the guest’s mood in order to anticipate any of her/his needs/expectations/wishes.
  8.  Introduce yourself, “I am Roger, the [Staff Designation]. of the hotel.”
  9.  Proceed to the room for the registration process by saying: “May I escort you to your room for the registration?”
  10.  Make some light conversation on the way to the room and upon entering it, explain the key system if necessary.
  11.  Ask for the guest’s passport or any official identification document and complete their Registration Card accordingly.
  12.  Ask the guest to complete her/his address, occupation, and mode of payment if on his own account and sign the Guest Registration Card.
  13.  In the case of an Own Account settlement, inform or reconfirm the Room Rate.
  14.  Confirm the departure time and offer assistance in reconfirming the flight ticket(s), if any.
  15.  Check if any transport arrangement is required.
  16.  Offer to show the guest around the room and explain the facilities available.
  17.  Before leaving the guest’s room, provide her/him with your name card and offer assistance whenever necessary.
  18.  Wish the guest a pleasant stay and assure her/him that her/his luggage will be sent up immediately, if not already on the way or in the guest’s room.
  19.  After leaving the guest, immediately inform the Bell Boy to send the concerned guest’s luggage up to the room.
  20.  Check-in into the computer system that all the required data have been recorded, once you have passed the Registration Card to the Front Office Reception and that the room phone line(s) have been released.
  21.  Conduct a courtesy call after 10 minutes to ensure that everything is in order.
  22.  Bellman to control lift if it’s a VVIP that checks in.


If royalty were to check in to make sure that the red carpet is laid and the GM/RM is informed about their arrival.

Housekeeping has to be informed in advance so that the amenities placed in the room can be changed and butlers should be on the floor when the royalties arrive.

Training Summary Questions for VIP Reservations:

Q1. Who is responsible for validating the VIP Authorization?

Q2. What details need to be checked when clocking the room for VIP guests?

Q3. How to ensure that the blocked rooms for VIP guests are not unallocated by other staff?

Q4. Is it required to get approval

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 72
Department: Front Desk
Date Issued: 20-Apr-2021
Time to Train: 45 Minutes
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