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Credit Card Acceptance Checks and Policy for Hotels

1. Request guest to present credit card. (Check the physical credit card):

  • If the guest indicates to settle the account by credit card upon check-in.

2. Check signature specimen on credit card:

  • Check if the signature specimen on the credit card matches the signature on the guest’s passport and registration card.
  • If not match, a credit card can’t be accepted.
  • Verify if the guest is really a credit card holder. Caring for hotel benefit.

3. Check if the credit card is valid:

  • Checking credit card expiration date on the local credit card.
  • Expire cards will not be accepted by the bank.

4. Get pre-approval amount with EDC machine:

  • Use the EDC or the Credit Card Terminal machine to get the approval amount, which should be 1.5 time of total room charge throughout guest staying duration.
  • As well as print out credit card vouchers with the EDC or Terminal machine.
  • If the PMS (Property Management System) / Hotel Software is having the inbuild
  • This will ensure enough approval amount to protect hotel benefits.

5. Credit Card Tokens in Hotel Software

  • Credit card tokens are encrypted tokens containing credit card information that can be used to securely process payments in hotel software via a connected payment gateway.
  • Multiple credit card tokens can be created on a company, guest profile, or travel agent to be available for selection when creating a receipt on a related account.
  • A credit card token can be created from within hotel software or using a connected EFTPOS terminal when using hotel software Pay or another payment gateway that includes the function of creating a credit card token from the terminal.
  • Credit card tokens created via the receipt screen will be recorded in the audit trail.
  • Payment made via Pay By Link or credit card receipt will create a credit card token using the entered card information.
  • Pay By Link is a feature available exclusively to properties using hotel software Pay as the payment gateway that enables sending a secure payment link by SMS or email requesting payment of a set value.
  • The Second Deposit Processing utility requires a valid credit card token and the CC Consent field to be set to ‘Yes’ to process payments of second deposits in hotel software.
  • Credit card tokens remain on the guest profile, company, or travel agent until removed by a user.
  • Credit card token descriptions are optional and can be used for labelling token usage when more than one token exists.
  • If the property has recently switched to a different payment gateway, the credit card tokens created using the old payment gateway will not be visible.
  • Merging a guest profile, company, or travel agent will include any associated credit card tokens.

5.1 Benefits of using credit card tokens in hotel software:

  • Improved security: Credit card tokens are encrypted, which makes them much more difficult for hackers to steal and use.
  • Increased efficiency: Credit card tokens can help to streamline the payment process, as businesses do not need to re-enter credit card information for each transaction.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Credit card tokens can provide customers with a more convenient and secure payment experience.

Note: Overall, credit card tokens are a valuable tool for businesses that use hotel software to process credit card payments. They can help to improve security, efficiency, and the customer experience.

6. Imprint credit card on relevant forms. [This is an outdated process not used anymore]:

  • Imprint the credit card on the cardholder’s registration card and liability form if have.
  • For bank reference attach a credit card voucher on the back of the card holder’s registration card.

7. Attach voucher:

  • Attach the credit card voucher to the back of the holder’s registration card.
  • File credit card vouchers well to avoid missing and easy to check.

8. Pay attention to special arrangement:

  • When check guest credit for outlets cashier, some relevant special  arrangement should be alerted e.g. Guest is top VIP set by hotel management.
  • In daily job, special arrangement  Should taken serious attention because it may affect hotel reputation or revenue seriously. our daily job by providing consistent, precise service.
  • Guest’s consumption in hotel all are in house account.
  • Guest is approved by hotel manager or credit manager to pay upon departure.
  • Guest consumption is paid by company who have enough deposit or sign privilege with the hotel.

9. Example of credit cards which are accepted by hotels/resorts.

  • American Express 
  • Diners Club International
  • Visa International 
  • Master Card International
  • ICB Card
  • JCB Card
  • Union Pay

10. Other Points to note when handling credit card transactions. 

  • Always care about hotel benefit in. 
  • Avoid receive unacceptable card to make guest and hotel in  unnecessary trouble.
  • Caring for both hotel and guest’s benefit.

Training Summary questions for Credit Card Acceptance:

Q1. Why is it important to check the signature on credit card?

Q2. What are the special arrangements which need attention?

Q3. Give few examples of Major Credit Cards?

Q4. What are the other Points to note while handling credit card transactions in the hotels?

Q5. How to use Credit Card Tokenization with the hotel software and explain the advantages.

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 73
Department: Front Desk
Date Issued: 16-Oct-2021
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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