SOP – Front Office – Handling Express Check Out

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How to Handle Express Check-out at the Front Desk?

Purpose of Express Check-out SOP:

The purpose of this SOP is to ensure that the correct and smooth handling of express guest checkout is done as per the company policy, for those guests who will not stop by the front desk themselves to check out personally. 

Express Check-out Standard Procedure:

  1. Express Check-Out is normally only possible if the payment is done by credit card and the required pre-auth is taken on the guest’s credit card.
  2. Express check-out is also done using a kiosk kept at the front desk or via in-room TV or the hotel’s mobile App.
  3. If a guest would like to make use of the Express Check-Out service by credit card, the guest will be asked to mark the tick box on the registration form and sign for approval.
  4. Check if the details on the Registration form are completed, and readable.
  5. Make sure to take enough authorisations on the guest’s credit card.
  6. After the guest check-in, update all the details from the registration form into the reservation record maintained for this guest on the Property Management System (PMS) / Hotel Software.
  7. Once the details are updated put the Registration Form in the appropriate room’s bucket.
  8. Mark Specials, express C/O in the PMS either as a Traces or Internal FO message or special notes or memo on the reservation record.
  9. On the day of Check-out, after verification by the Bell Desk show the check out of the bill (after 12 pm).
  10. For automatic checkout by guest via a kiosk or App send the bell desk team to physically verify the guest room after 12 pm. 
  11. Print a folio on behalf of the guest and write instead of a signature  – S.O.F. (Signature On File).
  12. Adjust the Express Check-Out letter, and Thank You Letter with the guest name, date of stay, etc.
  13. Send the original bill or scanned copy together with the letter, and all the receipts from F&B to either the address mentioned on the form or to the email address of the guest.
  14. Staple the copy of the registration form, any correspondence letter, copies of the f&b point of sale receipts and the final guest bill together and hand it over to the accounting department.
  15. The Express C/O details have to be filled out in the Housekeeping list.
  16. Inform the Housekeeping department that the guest is Express C/O and that the room should be checked.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What all need to be done at the time of check-in for guest with express check-out request?

Q3. Why is it important to take enough authorization on the credit card?

Q4. At what time is the guest room to be released after verification?

Q5. Why it is important to inform the housekeeping department about express checkouts for the day?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 52
Department: FO - Express Check Out
Date Issued: 26-Aug-2018
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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