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How to Handle Flower or Bouquet Requests at the Bell Desk or Concierge?

Purpose of Flower Request SOP: The hotel’s in-house or banquet or passerby guest might want to surprise his wife with a flower bouquet or order flower arrangements for some special occasions. Another scenario is someone visiting the guest who is staying at the hotel may like to utilize this facility.

The Front Office / Bell Desk / Concierge team should be ready to assist as well as possible in this process. Any request of the guest must be followed up in a correct way in order to ensure his satisfaction.

Bouquet or Flower Arrangement Standard Procedure:

  1. The Front desk staff should acquire the following information from the guest.
  2. Guest’s first and last name or Room Number.
  3. Based on the provided guest details the staff can pick up further information by opening the guest’s reservation in the Hotel PMS or Hotel Software.
  4. Enquire about the type of flower arrangement required by the guest.
  5. Provide the details of the available type of flower arrangements and their pricing to the guest.
  6. Ask for the estimated amount on how much he would like to spend and based on the same provide further recommendations on selecting from the different types of flower arrangements.
  7. Check for the Credit card information on the reservation record for In-house guests and for non-in-house guests the same to be charged to his/her credit card or by cash.
  8. Collect the contact details in case of the passerby guests or the non-resident guests.
  9. Make sure to reconfirm the request and flower selection.
  10. Check with the guest if any special message or card is to be placed on the flower arrangement or bouquet.
  11. Call the hotel florist or flower designer to check for flower availability and once confirmed, place an order into an email and send the same to the florist or send an inter-department voucher.
  12. If the order is for the same day, inform the florist of the time required and organize a collection time.
  13. For delivering the flowers prior to guest arrival, the front desk team should check the room status on the date of arrival.
  14. Check with the hotel software and confirm if the room has been assigned to the guest and whether it is vacant and ready.
  15. A ‘priority room blocking’ or ‘do not unblock’ room needs to be enabled for the reservation when placing such special amenities in the guest room.
  16. The bell desk attendant or the concierge is responsible for asking the Front Desk to place a note or trace for ‘do not move’ the reservation.
  17. The bellboy or concierge staff should have the flowers delivered to the room.
  18. Instruct the bell attendant on where they should place the flower bouquet in the room or as per the special request made by the person arranging the flower or bouquet. 
  19. For in-house guests, the relevant charges are to be posted through the hotel system / PMS onto the correct guest room account.
  20. For the non-resident guest, as per the payment method, the charges need to be posted to the passerby room or PM room through the hotel software or hotel PMS.
  21. For Flower delivery to an in-house guest, once the flower is ready have the same delivered to the room.
  22. Instruct the bell attendant to place the flower arrangement in such a way that the particular note or message kept on the bouquet can be clearly seen by the guest. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible for collecting the details from the guests?

Q3. How to retrieve and check the credit card details?

Q4. What notification must be enabled after the flower or bouquet is placed in the guest room?

Q5. Why it is important to inform the bell attendant of the place where the flower arrangement or bouquet needs to be kept?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 53
Department: Front office / Bell Desk / Concierge  - Flower and Bouquet Requests
Date Issued: 03-Sep-2018
Time to Train: 20 Minutes
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