SOP – Concierge / Bell Desk – How to Tag Guest Luggage?

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Tagging Guest Luggage – Arrivals |

Departures | Left Luggage

Assisting the guests with any luggage and tagging them:

  1. Carefully unload the guest’s luggage from the car and place them on the trolley.
  2.  Luggage trolleys are used when there is more than one piece of luggage.
  3.  Confirm the total number of pieces with the guest and make sure no luggage has been left in the car.
  4.  Never leave the guest’s luggage unattended.
  5.  Tag the guest’s luggage with appropriate luggage tags. 
  6.  Ensure sufficient luggage trolleys are available and in perfect condition.
  7.  Handle guest luggage carefully and take special care of any fragile items.
  8.  Take luggage to the lobby and follow up with the reception to allocate the room to the guest.
  9.  We need to make sure that the guest receives the correct baggage back.
  10.  Always tag the luggage when the guest arrives at the hotel and the room is not ready yet.
  11.  Always tag the baggage or luggage when the luggage is stored in the Bell storage closet upon check-out of the guest.

Verify Below details on the left luggage tag:

  1. Check the room number on the check-in tag.
  2.  Identify the wing/building/floor as per the tag colour.
  3.  Room number (if checking out, it is the room number that they have checked out).
  4.  Date of check-out/ check-in.
  5.  The number of pieces being stored.
  6.  Employees initials tagging the luggage.

Distributing the tag components for left luggage:

  1. Tear off the luggage tag stub and give it to the guest by saying: “Mr. / Ms. David here is your luggage tag. When you need to have your bags retrieved, please present this ticket to the Bell Desk or Concierge Desk.”
  2.  Attach the main luggage tag to the largest suitcase/bag.
  3.  Use the self-adhesive labels to mark the other pieces of luggage belonging to the guest.

Recording information on Baggage/Luggage movement:

  1. Items being delivered, held, or stored should be recorded in the Property Management System (PMS) or Hotels Software.
  2.  It should include the guest’s name, time, date to be retrieved, number of pieces, bay location, and initials of the bell attendant.
  3.  Fill up the errand cards as per the guest cycle (Arrival/Departure/Room Move) Etc.
  4.  Record the details of the baggage moment on the luggage moment register.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to verify the details on the luggage tag?

Q3. What needs to be done if the guest keeps the luggage under storage?

Q4. Explain the guest left luggage tagging procedure.

Q5. What details are recorded about the luggage movement?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 43
Department: Concierge - Departure Baggage Pickup Request 
Date Issued: 17-Jul-2018
Time to Train: 20 Minutes
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