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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering – Ken Fix-It

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Engineering under the supervision of Ken Fixit is an essential tool for ensuring that all engineering tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively. The SOP outlines the steps necessary to complete a project from start to finish, including the necessary resources and personnel needed to complete each task.

The SOP also provides guidance on safety protocols, risk assessments, and quality control measures to ensure that all engineering work meets the highest standards. Furthermore, the SOP emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration among team members, encouraging open dialogue and the sharing of ideas to achieve the best possible results.

With Ken Fixit at the helm, the engineering team can feel confident that they have a comprehensive roadmap to follow, ensuring that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest possible standard. The SOP provides a framework for success and ensures that every team member is working towards the same goals.

Engineering Ken Fix It Standard Procedure:

  • The main purpose of the Ken Fix It SOP is to ensure that guest rooms and public areas are maintained in excellent condition at all times.
  •  As a rule of thumb, one full-time Ken fix-it mechanic is required per 200 – 300 guest rooms (depending upon guest rooms).
  •  A Ken fix-it mobile maintenance cart will be stocked with required spare parts and materials at all times.
  •  Appropriate hand tools for daily use should be available in the maintenance cart.
  •  A Ken fix-it Mechanic should perform a weekly audit of the maintenance cart.
  •  The Ken fix-it checklist will be used while servicing guest rooms and public areas.

Below are points to be noted when procuring a Ken fix-it Cart:

  1. The appropriate size of the cart is to be 45 cm (W) Xn 90 cm (L) X 95 cm (H)
  2.  The Cart should have large wheels to allow mobility over carpets, door sills, and elevators.
  3.  Sufficient storage space should be available with drawers, pants pockets, and shelves.
  4.  Breaks on wheels so that it remains stationary when used as a workbench.
  5.  Locks should be also available to avoid any theft.
  6. The Fix-it cart is to be stocked with all required spare parts and materials that would be used while maintaining guest rooms and public areas.
  7.  The Ken Fixit Mechanic should use a checklist for each room and checkmark each item inspected or repaired.
  8.  Any repair works that need an excessive amount of time to repair or beyond the Ken fix-it mechanic’s ability are to be noted and reported to the maintenance desk/supervisor.
  9. Any urgent or major problems are to be reported to the engineering desk immediately to ensure that they are handled properly.
  10. A “While you were out” card has to be completed by the mechanic if the guest’s room was occupied but the guest was not inside during his visit.
  11. The Ken Fix-it technician should leave the room clean and in perfect condition after completing any work performed.
  12. The Chief Engineer should inspect random rooms or public areas throughout each month.
  13. Every week the Ken fix-it mechanic is to provide the chief engineer with the completed checklist for guest rooms and public areas.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of the Ken Fixit SOP?

Q2. How many full-time Ken Fixit mechanic is required for a hotel?

Q3. What all needs to be noted when procuring a Ken fix-it cart?

Q4. What needs to be done when the guest is not in the room/DND sign is switched ON?

Q5. Who is responsible for inspecting the serviced rooms?
SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 02
Department: Engineering and Maintenance
Date Issued: 04–Feb-2018
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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