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Standard Operating Procedure for Engineering Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an essential part of any engineering operation, as it can help to ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of your equipment. An effective preventive maintenance program involves regularly scheduled inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and testing of equipment in order to identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems.

In order to create an effective preventive maintenance plan, it is important to first conduct a thorough analysis of your equipment, including its design, age, operating conditions, and historical performance data. This analysis can help to identify critical components that require regular attention and establish appropriate maintenance schedules based on the specific needs of each piece of equipment.

Once a maintenance plan is in place, it is important to track and document all maintenance activities, including any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. This information can then be used to fine-tune the maintenance plan over time and optimize the overall performance of your equipment.

Ultimately, preventive maintenance is a critical aspect of any engineering operation, as it can help to minimize downtime, reduce repair costs, and increase the lifespan of your equipment. By investing in a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, you can ensure that your equipment remains in top condition and continues to deliver reliable, efficient performance over the long term.

Engineering Preventive Maintenance Standard Procedure:

  • The main purpose of the preventive maintenance SOP is to reduce the downtime of all equipment used in the hotel by minimizing mechanical failures, breakdowns, operation, and also its running costs.
  •  To ensure that equipment is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications a repair Log Data Sheet is to be completed.
  •  Each piece of equipment or machinery is to be serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications and the operating conditions.
  •  All Preventive maintenance functions have to be entered on the Preventive Maintenance Weekly Schedule Sheets.
  •  Preventive Maintenance (PM) Weekly Schedule Sheets have to be signed by the Engineering Supervisor / Chief Engineer.
  •  The PM task needs to be also entered on the Repair Log Data Sheet.
  •  From the Repair Log, compile a list of all equipment, respective equipment numbers, preventive maintenance functions, and time intervals.
  •  The workload must be spread evenly over 52 weeks so that preventive maintenance is performed every week.
  •  The number of spreadsheets required is determined by the property size and the number of pieces of equipment included within the preventive maintenance Schedule.
  •  When the spreadsheets have been completed and reworked to maximize efficiency, the weekly Schedule Sheets are to be completed.
  •  Each piece of equipment to be serviced on week 1 is taken from the respective spreadsheet and entered on a Weekly Schedule Sheet.
  •  Equipment name, identification number and specific maintenance functions to be performed are to be entered.
  •  As each piece of equipment is completed, the employee enters his initials and the date of completion on the Preventive Maintenance register.
  •  Any additional work performed and/or needed is to be noted on the Sub-Master and a work request ticket written.
  •  The completed Weekly Schedule Sheet is then returned to the Chief Engineer, along with any additional remarks.
  •  The Chief Engineer is to review each returned Sub-Master sheet to ensure the Preventive Maintenance has been completed.
  •  Chief engineer to note any additional work performed or work which requires scheduling at a later date.
  •  Any work performed above and beyond Preventive Maintenance has to be entered in the Repair Log Record Sheet.
  •  The preventive maintenance sheet has to be filed in a dated binder and retained for one year in the Engineering Office.
  •  At the year-end, the binders have to be put in permanent storage and kept for legal purposes.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of the Preventive maintenance SOP?

Q2. Why is it important to service the equipment as per the manufacturer’s specifications?

Q3. Who is responsible for reviewing the weekly schedule sheet?

Q4. Explain the process of filing the PM log sheet.

Q5. Explain the process of filing and storing preventive maintenance sheets. 
SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 01
Department: Engineering and Maintenance
Date Issued: 01–Feb-2018
Time to Train: 45 Minutes

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