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Standard Procedure for Hotel Telephone Sales Calls

When it comes to sales and marketing, one of the most common methods of reaching out to potential customers is through telephone sales calls. There are different types of telephone sales calls, each with its own unique purpose and approach.

The first type is the cold call, where a salesperson contacts a potential customer who has had no prior interaction with the company. The goal of a cold call is to introduce the company and its products or services, and to schedule a follow-up call or meeting.

The second type is the warm call, which is made to a potential customer who has previously shown interest in the company or its products. This type of call is more personalized and focused on building a relationship with the customer.

The third type is the hot call, which is made to a customer who is already familiar with the company and its products, and may be ready to make a purchase. The goal of a hot call is to close the sale and provide excellent customer service.

Overall, telephone sales calls can be a highly effective way to reach out to potential customers and build lasting relationships. It’s important for sales and marketing professionals to understand the different types of calls and how to approach each one in order to achieve the best results.

Different Types Of Sales Telephone Calls:

  • Telephone sales calls are the most economical way to find and also to sell products to prospective customers/bookers.
  •  Both incoming and outgoing sales calls play an important role in hotel sales and marketing activities.
  •  All Sales and Marketing team members should have good telephone etiquette, listening, and communication skills.
  •  Some of the important communication skills are tone of voice, understandability, enthusiasm, etc.
  •  Listing skills include limited talking, getting involved, showing interest, asking questions, etc.

Below are different types of telephone sales calls done by the S&M team:

1) Prospect Calls: The main objective of such type of call is to gather maximum information about the potential company and to find the key decision makers.

2) Qualifying Calls: These are done to determine if the prospect company or bookers can afford the services provided by the hotel. Such types of calls are important to find out if the company requires hotel rooms, banquets, or other services.

3) Appointment Calls: Made to briefly introduce a prospective client to the services and facilities offered by the hotel and try to get an appointment for a direct meeting. Such types of calls don’t generate any sales but the main purpose is to agree to an appointment with the booker/decision maker.

4) Sales Calls: The main objective of this type of call is to make an immediate sale during the call. This is normally performed by a very well-trained telephone sales team and they need to sell the benefits of bookings at the hotel rather than the features or services.

5) Service Calls: Once the guest or booker confirms the hotel services a follow-up call needs to be made to the booker just to check any changes or additional services needed. For Banquet event booking such calls can also help to identify any changes expected etc.

6) Promotion Calls: Made by the sales team to bookers or potential customers about any new or ongoing promotions or special offers Eg: Food Festivals, Room Packages, Wedding packages, etc.

7) Feedback Calls: Once the hotel services or facilities are used by the booker or guest a feedback call is made by the sales manager to know about the experience, suggestions, or any complaints during their stay or event.

Such feedback is always recorded on to the sales and marketing software and also informed to the relevant team or departments.

8) Public Relations Calls: Such types of calls are made to generate goodwill. Made to regular or repeat guests, Loyalty members, bookers, etc. by the Director of Sales, General Manager, or other key executive in the hotel.

9) Incoming Calls: The sales department also receives many incoming calls and the team should always provide a positive impression to all kinds of incoming calls. Some examples of incoming calls are general inquiries, reservation inquiries, responses to advertisements, responses to promotions, etc.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why telephone sales are important to the sales and marketing department?

Q2. What are the different types of sales calls?

Q3. Who is responsible for the public relations call?

Q4. Give some examples of incoming calls.

Q5. What is the main purpose of appointment calls?
SOP Number: Sales and Marketing SOP – 14
Department: Sales and Marketing – Sales
Date Issued: 27-Jul-2017
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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