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Hotel Chief Engineer | Engineering Manager Duties and Tasks

Job Description for Chief Engineer in hotels

POSITION TITLE: Chief Engineer (CE) / Engineering Manager

REPORTS TO: General Manager / Asst. General Manager


Responsible to manage all aspects of maintenance staff on a daily basis. Directs, coordinates and performs routine, preventive and emergency interior / exterior maintenance and repairs to obtain optimum efficiency and economy of hotel operations.

Directs the Engineering staff, accounting/budgeting, asset protection, inventory control and human resources.


  • Familiar and complies with the hotels mission and standards in performing maintenance activities.

  • Maximise maintenance team potential with a balanced focus on operations, guests, employee and owners satisfaction.

  • Represents the engineering department during the daily HOD morning meetings. 

  • Prioritise, plan, schedule assign and supervise the engineering department staff.

  • Oversee the maintenance tasks, work orders and special projects ensuring timely and accurate completion.

  • Respond to guest's maintenance needs promptly and ensure guests receive professional, efficient prompt and courteous service to hotel standards.

  • Maintain the physical appearance and operational efficiency of the hotel including physical. mechanical, electrical, plumbing etc.

  • Installation & maintenance of all equipment related to HVAC, DG Sets, Water treatment, Fire Safety etc.

  • Ensure proper records are kept relating to all plant and equipment for the hotel including repair and service records.

  • Prepare reports as required by the Housekeeping Manager and General Manager.

  • Ensure that stores have adequate stocks of materials, equipment and tools and are kept in a clean and safe environment.

  • Take responsibility for the cleanliness and safety aspects of all plant and mechanical equipment rooms.

  • Attend all Facility Management/Property meetings as required, passing on necessary information to the maintenance team in regular junior staff meetings.

  • Ensure the proper use and periodic maintenance of all equipment.

  • Perform daily and weekly property document inspections.

  • Ensure property, grounds, physical plant and work areas are maintained to standard and that all safety equipment and conditions are to code.

  • Establish and maintain department equipment and supply inventory levels appropriate to property requirements

  • Provide training to staff on supplies, inventory, maintenance and ordering procedures.

  • Train engineering department staff on correct maintenance procedures and assists in repairs as needed.

  • Maintain, monitor and test hotel's emergency and security systems, features like Fire Alarm, CCTV, baggage scanners etc.

  • Discuss with GM / Owner / Department heads on  maintenance status and inspection reports.

  • Respond to corporate and management inquires.

  • Develop, implement, and direct all emergency programs.

  • Develop, implement and manage energy conservation programs for the property to minimise expenses.

  • Coordinate with the equipment suppliers for AMC and any outstanding issues.

  • Ensure maintenance staff is wearing proper uniforms with name tag and upholds hotels grooming and hygiene standards.

  • Responsible for quality service, meeting/exceeding financial goals, short and long term planning and day-to-day operations.


Advanced knowledge of building management/engineering with positive attitude, Good communication skills and Committed to delivering a high level of customer service.


Bachelor or science, Diploma or college degree in Electrical or Civil engineering preferred.


Minimum of 5 years maintenance experience and 3 years supervisory or manager experience in engineering hotel department.