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SOP – Housekeeping – Control Desk Activities

SOP Number: HK - 03 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – General


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

House Keeping Control Desk:

  • It is the one point contact for all Housekeeping activities which also controls, co-ordinates and keeps a constant link among the various activities taking place at different locations by Housekeeping staff. And also people associated with Housekeeping within the Hotel premises.

  • Coordinates with the Front office for room status. updation and sorting out room discrepancy issues.

  • Coordinates with the maintenance department regarding guest room maintenance issues.

Registers / reports maintained in Housekeeping control desk:

Departure register:

To keep track of change of status of guest rooms from Dirty to Clean for re-selling.  It also acts as a control book for Mini bar consumption checking in check out rooms.

Expected Arrival Register: 

Keep track of arrival of pre-registered guests as regards profile/VIP status, timing, pax, any special request.

Room Status Report:

Shows the list of all room in the hotel with their current room status, ( Eg: Dirt Vacant, Vacant Clean, Dirty Clean, OOOOut of order, OOSOut of service etc. )

Guest call Register:

To note down any relevant messages pertaining to guest rooms and adjoining areas.

E.g. Maintenance, requests, special instructions etc. It helps in keeping a track of the completion of the activity and the duration of the same.

Note: Download sample call register tracking sheet.

Mini bar and Laundry Posting Reports:

Shows the list of postings / sales under the revenue head Laundry, Mini Bar, Dry Cleaning Etc.

Control desk checklist:   

To keep track of all keys, key cards, “I need it now” cupboard items etc during changeover of shifts.

Missing item Register:

Any item placed in guest rooms [other than consumable items] found missing in a departure room is recorded in this Register after duly informing the Lobby Manager on duty.

Breakage Register:

Any breakable item found damaged/broken or that opts damaged/ broken while handling is duly recorded in this Register.

Lost and Found Register:

Any personal item/article of guest found anywhere in the Hotel premises is recorded in this Register with the relevant details.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the role of a control desk in housekeeping department?

Q2. What are the types of reports used in HK control desk? 

Q3. What are the types of registers maintained in HK control desk?

Q4. What all information does a room status report provide?

Q5. Whom to be reported in case any missing items in guest rooms?