SOP – Housekeeping – Servicing Guest Rooms

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Standard Procedure For Servicing Of Guest Rooms

1. Servicing of Occupied Rooms:

  • All occupied rooms are serviced twice daily and as and when requested by the guest.
  •  Enter the room according to the procedure of entry to guestrooms.
  •  Clear the garbage according to the procedure of removal of garbage from dustbins.
  •  Collect the soiled linen and throw it in the linen bag.
  •  Make the bed, and follow the bed-making procedure.
  •  Perform dusting of the room.
  •  Vacuuming of carpet and the upholstery maintenance.
  •  Clean Bathroom.
  •  All amenities are replenished in the bathroom. (Maintain photograph for standard amenity placement)
  •  After servicing the room following facility functions are to be checked.
  •  Television
  •  All Telephones
  •  All Bulbs.
  •  Any in-room Entertainment system.

2. Servicing of vacant room:

  • The room has to be spic and span at every given time.
  •  Knock on the door.
  •  Switch on all lights.
  •  Open heavy and sheer curtains.
  •  Remove turn-down service.
  •  Put bed cover.
  •  Do the dusting.
  •  Replenish water and ice.
  •  Mop bathroom flooring with disinfectant.
  •  Vacuum the carpet if necessary.
  •  Close sheer curtain.
  •  The heavy curtain should be half-closed.
  •  Put off all the lights.
  •  Give final looks and shut the door.

3. Servicing of vacant dirty room:

  • Vacant dirty rooms are cleaned thoroughly and all used items/ amenities are changed with fresh ones. Left guest items to be deposited at the housekeeping control Desk.
  •  Knock and enter the room.
  •  All drawers and cupboards are checked for any lost and found of guests.
  •  All dustbins are cleared of garbage.
  •  Soiled linen is to be removed.
  •  The bed is made according to the procedure for bed making.
  •  Dusting of the room is done.
  •  Vacuum upholstery and carpet.
  •  All glassware and Ashtrays have to be cleaned.
  •  All guest amenities in the room have to be replenished.
  •  The bathroom is cleaned according to the procedure.
  •  Replenished amenities in the bathroom.
  •  All items used by the previous guest are changed with fresh ones.
  •  All maintenance work is noted and given to the Engineering department.
  •  Inform room status to the Housekeeping control desk.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the difference in servicing occupied, Dirty, and vacant departure rooms?

Q2. Points while servicing an occupied room?  

Q3. Why should we replenish all guest amenities with a new one while servicing a ‘Vacant departure room’?

Q4. What is all to be checked after servicing the room?

Q5. Whom to be reported in case you find any issues with TV / Bulbs etc.?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 02 
Department: Housekeeping – Guest Room Maintaining
Time to Train: 45 Minutes

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