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Departure Guest Car Transfer or Limousine Transfer

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 55

Department: Front office / Concierge  - Departure Transfers

Date Issued: 06-Sep-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Purpose of Limousine Transfer SOP:

The Front office / Travel Desk / Concierge team should know the correct standard for arranging the limo/car for the departure guest. No guest departure should be delayed due to non-availablity of the car, as this creates a negative last impression for the guest.

All departure drop off request of the guests must be accurately tracked and followed up in a correct way in order to ensure guest satisfaction. The last impression should be always a memorable one that the guest carry on with him and will have an impact on this feedback of his stay at the hotel.

Limousine Drop off for Departure Guests Standard Procedure:

  1. Print and check the airport pick/drop report on every day. 

  2. Make sure the limousine driver grooming is impeccable with the clean and crisp uniform. 

  3. Use the Limousine or Car checklist to inspect and ensure that the vehicle is fit and presentable for the guest's pickup. 

  4. Make sure the car is clean at the inside and outside and that the inside air is fresh and without any bad odour.

  5. Make sure you have newspaper set up and a music selections ready.

  6. Check that you have cold water and cooled hand towels prepared.

  7. Make sure you know the guest name and drop off destination, check the best route on the online map services like 'Google Map' to avoid any traffic conjunction on the way to the airport.

  8. If applicable, prepare taxi voucher and enter the starting kilometres, make sure you spell the name of the guest correctly on the voucher along with room number.

  9. Make sure you know when is the guest departure time and if the guest is going by flight which terminal the flight departs from.

  10. Make sure to reach the portico at least 5-10 minutes prior to the guest's departure time.

  11. Never should the guest be waiting at the lobby for the car to arrive at the portico. 

  12. The Chauffer or the doorman should always have a straight posture.

  13. Acknowledge the guest with an eye-contact. 

  14. Walk towards the guest with a genius smile.

  15. Always speak clearly when interacting with the guest, an example introduction is - “Good Morning/afternoon/evening Mr David, Welcome! Hope we can now depart to the airport?” 

  16. Carry the luggage of the guest and carefully load it into the limousine.

  17. Make sure to use an open palm gesture, then ask to confirm the number of baggage loaded: “May I confirm that you have 2 pieces of luggage, Mr David?”

  18. Open the Limousine door, and use an open palm gesture to invite the guest into the car, ladies first. 

  19. Once the guest is inside the car, close car door carefully, and never slam the door.

  20. After the guest had settled down in the car, please ask the below questions.

  21. In case the guest has not fastened the seatbelt, "For your safety, I would request you to kindly fasten the seatbelt"

  22. "May I offer you some water Sir/Madam”

  23. “Is the temperature inside the car comfortable?”

  24. “Would you like me to select some music?” 

  25. Inform the guest about the approximate travel time to the destination.

  26. Only speak to the guest if he/she starts the conversation with you.

  27. Inform the guest that you are 10-15 minutes away from arriving at the Airport, as he.she might want to keep back the reading books or shutdown the laptop.

  28. The Airport Representative must be notified about the guest arrival before 1-10 minutes, As he can then be ready to welcome and assist the guest on arrival. 

  29. “We have arrived at the Airport [Mention your Drop off place] Mr David”.

  30. If the airport representative is not present to receive the guest then the driver/chauffeur is responsible to open the car door and assist the guest to get out.

  31. Assist with the guest's luggage and take the signature on the taxi voucher or collect the payment as per the hotel's policy. 

  32. Bid farewell to the guest by saying "It was a pleasure driving Mr David, I wish you a pleasant flight and hope to see you soon again”.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible to check the car or limousine before sending for pickup?

Q3. What all details about the guest need to be known prior to drop off?

Q4. Provide an example introduction message while interacting with the guest?

Q5. What needs to be done by the chauffeur if the hotel's airport representative is not available to receive the guest?

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