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How to Handle Baggage for Group Departure - Concierge SOP - Hotel Concierge - Group Departure Guests

Handling Baggage For Group Departure / Conference Departure

SOP Number: FO – 39

Department: Concierge - Baggage / Luggage Handling Groups 

Date Issued: 14-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Handling Baggage For Group Departures:

  1. Check with the group leader or tour leader or group coordinator for departure details.

  2. The Groups Departure details can be also taken from the tour/group folder.

  3. Reconfirms the time for luggage pull & transportation with the group leader one day prior.

  4. Plan the staffing of the concierge or bell desk accordingly.

  5. Reconfirm Number of bags to be collected from each room.

  6. Allocate the bellboys tower or floor wise for luggage pick up.

  7. Tag all the luggage collected if the baggage tag is missing.

  8. Once the luggage is in the lobby count and tally with the group rooming list.

  9. Once the group leader is available in the lobby, the concierge head should reconfirm the same with the group leader.

  10. Once again count the number of pieces/ baggage before loading.

  11. Inform the bus or cab driver or assistant while loading the baggage to the bus or van.

  12. Load the luggage on the Bus / Cars in the presence of either bus driver/helper/cab driver.

  13. Take a signoff from the bus or van driver once the baggage loading is completed.

  14. Bid found farewell to the group.

  15. Record the details of baggage collected and loaded in the logbook.

  16. Fill in the Departure Errand Card, normally only one card is filled for the whole group.

  17. Always note that the baggage to be brought down and loaded in the transport safely and in a timely manner.

  18. To be ready to assist guest with the luggage on departure.

  19. All guest luggage and any other items to be handled carefully.

  20. Assist the front desk team in collecting the key cards or keys from the group guest.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to collect the group departure details?

Q3. Why does the staffing need to be checked and planned when there are expected group departure?

Q4. On whose presence the baggage to be loaded onto the bus or van?

Q5. Explain the process of baggage handling for group departure?

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