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SOP – Amending or Modifying Reservations

SOP Number: FO - 22 (SOP serial number and department code)

Department: Front Office - Reservation


Time to Train: 15 Minutes

  • When guest / bookers call the hotel for amending existing reservation take down the original booking details on reservation form. ( Guest Last name, Reservation no, Mobile etc.)

  • Try to address the guest by name as and when possible.

  • Take permission from the guest to keep the call on hold.

    • Locate the original reservation record from the Property Management software.

    • Reconfirm the booking details e.g.: guest name, arrival departure date, reservation number etc. with the guest again to make sure that you have 

    • Retrieve the correct reservation record.

  • Enquire with the booker / guest on what amended to be made on the reservation. Eg: guest might like to extend the number of days of stay or want to shift his stay to another period.

  • Check the availability of both hotel and room type in the hotel software before confirming the amendment to the guest.

  • If the guest had booked the original reservation on a Best available rate or special packages, reservation agent should check the availability of these special rate and packages on this new date as well.

  • Any changes on rate or packages should be communicated to the guest.

  • If the guest is shifting the arrival date to a different date then take down the new pickup / flight details. In case the guest requires a pick up form the hotel.

  • All details have to be reconfirmed to the Guest.

  • Make the required amendments on the reservation record in system.

  • Valid payment method has to be taken for the new stay details.

  • Apply the Rate changes if any due to the amendment.

  • Generate a new confirmation letter to the guest which clearly shows the amended booking details.

  • Send the amended reservation confirmation letter to the guest email / fax.

  • Wish the guest a nice day ahead.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What all details to note down when guest calls up the reservation department for amendment request?

Q2. Is it required to reconfirm the pickup details in case there is a change in arrival date?

Q3. What all need to be checked before confirming the amendment request to the guest?

Q4. Can we offer the amended with the same rate of that of original booking?

Q5. Is it required to send the guest amended confirmation letter?

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