Cloak Room Attendant Job Description, Hotel Washroom Attendant Tasks or Restroom Attendant Duties and Responsibility. Responsible to check, clean, maintain and restock all public area restrooms in the hotel.

Job Description for Cloakroom Attendant

Position Title: Cloakroom Attendant / Cloakroom Assistant

Reports To: Public Area Superior / Control Desk Supervisor

Position Summary:

As a Cloakroom Attendant you would be responsible to check, clean and restock all public area restrooms, lobby areas, restaurants, fitness room and spa. Assist the housekeeping department to drive immaculate cleaning standards, guest service and interdepartmental staff relations at all times.

Additionally able to answer general customer enquiries about the hotels facilities, services, timings of different F&B outlets, SPA and other general policies and procedures of the facilities.

Cloakroom Attendant Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the cleanliness of cloakroom / wash room and lobby areas.

  2. Welcome all guests and receive coats, bags and other personal belongings from them and keep it on the designated area.

  3. Ensuring that you are always polite and helpful towards guests and colleagues.

  4. Maintain and clean all public area washrooms in the hotel.

  5. Each washroom to be checked on a regular interval as per the standards set by the Executive housekeeper.

  6. Clean all glass doors and mirrors in public areas.

  7. Make regular rounds during the shift to keep the front of the hotel free from trash.

  8. Make regular rounds to empty ashtrays and urns from lobby and bar areas.

  9. Make regular rounds to re stock hand tissues, toilet rolls, hand wash liquids, sanitizers and shoe polishes.

  10. Make sure all toilet bowls and urinal are clean and tidy at all times.

  11. Polishes and cleans all furniture and fixtures on lobby, wash-rooms and other public areas.

  12. Responsible to vacuum, mop and polishes all guest elevators.

  13. Responsible to sweep, mop, scrub, wax, and polishes cloakrooms, lobby, restaurants and other public area.

  14. Responsible to clean and maintain cloakrooms / washrooms of restaurants, banquet halls, SPA and other public area etc.

  15. Responsible for upkeeping and maintaining all cleaning equipments eg: Vacuum cleaner, Scrubbing machine, carpet shampoo machine etc.

  16. Responsible for maintaining a time schedule for cleaning of each areas.

  17. Responsible for deep cleaning or spring cleaning of designated area as per the schedule.

  18. Able to use polishing and scrubbing machine and also have a good knowledge of chemicals and polishes.

  19. In a large hotel tag all guest items and give a counter receipt or ticket.

  20. Give the guests a ticket that corresponds to the number of their belongings.

  21. Store coats, bags and other personal belongings according to the ticket number and keep them safe.

  22. Take care of customers belongings efficiently always.

  23. Return guest items and personal belongings to the guests.

  24. Always keep the cloakroom / wash room areas clean and tidy.

  25. Report any lost items, suspicious persons or items to the housekeeping desk and refer guest problems or complaints to supervisors immediately.

  26. Report and document safety hazards, potentially hazardous conditions, and unsafe practices and procedures.

  27. Any other task as and when assigned by the supervisors or managers.


  • Is proficient in the safe handling of all relevant equipment and machinery.

  • Ability to follow instruction.

  • Good understanding on using different cleaning machines and chemicals.

  • Physical mobility and stamina required.

  • Ability to work independently.


High school or Intermediate or Equivalent.


1 to 2 years of experience in similar role preferably in hotels or large offices.