How To Handle VIP and VVIP Arrivals In Hotels

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VIP and VVIP Arrivals in Hotels:

When it comes to VIP and VVIP arrivals in hotels, it’s essential to ensure that their experience is nothing short of exceptional. These guests are typically high-profile individuals, such as business executives, politicians, celebrities, and other noteworthy figures, and they expect a certain level of service and privacy during their stay.

To cater to VIP and VVIP guests, hotels must have a well-planned and executed arrival and check-in process. This process should be seamless, efficient, and fast, with minimal wait times and hassle. Many hotels have dedicated areas for VIP check-in, where guests can enjoy a more personalized and private experience.

Hotels must also ensure that VIP and VVIP guests receive the utmost comfort and luxury during their stay. This includes offering high-end amenities, such as spa treatments, personalized room service, and exclusive access to hotel facilities. Additionally, hotels must have a team of experienced and trained staff who can provide the necessary support and assistance to these guests around the clock.

Overall, VIP and VVIP guests are some of the most valuable and influential customers for hotels. By ensuring that their stay is exceptional, hotels can create a positive impression and build lasting relationships with these guests, which can lead to repeat business and valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.

Who is a VIP guest?

Criteria for Categorizing guests as VIPs may differ from hotel to hotel, below are a few examples for the same:

VIP: Decision Makers of Companies, Travel Agents, Honeymoon couples, A guest who had a bad experience on their last visit, Journalists, Event Planners, GM or Unit heads of Companies, etc.

VVIP: Board of Directors, Owners, Partners, Celebrities, Loyalty members, Head of States or countries, Senior Government officials, etc.

How to Handle VIP and VVIP arrivals in hotels

Preparation for a VIP and VVIP arrival starts right from the reservation stage, All departments must coordinate effectively and carefully to have an effective VIP procedure.

A VIP status is often approved by the General Manager, Rooms Director/Director of Operations, or Director of Sales. Because all VIP guests are pre-registered, the person approving the VIP status also assumes responsibility for the guest’s credit status.

  • The sales team should always inform the reservation department regarding VIP reservations well in advance, This lead time allows the reservation agent to block the appropriate room and also notify the same to other departments.
  •  During reservation, an appropriate VIP code is to be attached to the VIP reservation on the Property Management System.
  •  Tagging the VIP code to the reservation helps another department easily identify the VIP status of the guest and do the required preparations. 
  •  VIP Status is normally printed on reports like Arrival lists, Room Boy lists, Departure lists, etc. In addition to this new age hotel management software also gives pop-ups to users whenever they try to access the guest reservation. Eg: “GM / AGM to meet on arrival“
  •  After blocking the room for the VIP guest, the Front office department should send the VIP requisition form to Housekeeping and Room service well in advance so they can make the required arrangements.
  •  If there is any further change in the room number at a later stage then the same needs to be communicated to Housekeeping and Room service immediately.
  •  The housekeeping department puts a priority on VIP arrivals and returns those rooms to the Front office as soon as possible.
  •  HK department places all complimentary VIP welcome amenities in their rooms.
  •  The Welcome Amenities must reflect the prestige and cultural background of the Guest.
  •  Executive housekeeper / Asst. The executive housekeeper should verify the rooms before releasing them same to the front desk for check-in.
  •  On the arrival day Ensure that all special requests have been accommodated and actioned.
  • Upon arrival, the Front desk team must inform the FOM / Resident Manager / General Manager to greet and meet the VIP Guest.
  •  Always accompany the VIP Guest to the room and proceed with the check-in procedures in the room.
  •  Fill in as much information as you can on the Registration Form before presenting it to the Guest.
  •  Offer a tour of the property at the Guest’s convenience and the person who escorted the Guest to make a courtesy call within the first 24 hours.
  •  The list of VIP and VVIP guests is noted down on the whiteboard at the Back office, the operator’s Cabin, and the housekeeping control desk.
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Since 2011 Setupmyhotel has been helping hundreds of hoteliers around the world. Support Setupmyhotel by becoming our Patron!

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